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Elderly Woman Killed in Los Angeles Car Accident


Mioko Kozaki, 91, was killed in a Los Angeles car accident the evening of July 14, 2010, The Daily Breeze reports. The fatal car crash occurred at the intersection of Hawthorne Boulevard and 182nd Street in Torrance. Police say Kozaki was a passenger in a 2000 Toyota Camry, which collided with a 2000 Toyota Tundra at the street intersection. The impact of the collision sent the Camry off the roadway and onto the sidewalk at the southeast corner of the intersection. Kozaki was transported to a local hospital where she died. The drivers of the Tundra and the Camry were taken to area hospitals with less serious injuries. An investigation is ongoing.

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I offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mioko Kozaki for their tragic and heartbreaking loss. Please keep this grieving family in your thoughts and prayers.

Car Accident Statistics

According to CHP’s 2008 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), there were nine deaths and 480 injuries involving car accidents in Torrance. In Los Angeles County as a whole, 667 people died and 52,229 were injured as a result of car accidents during the same year.

Right-of-Way Issues

Based on this news report, it is not quite clear how or why this car accident occurred. There are several unanswered questions here. Who had the right-of-way at the intersection? Did one of the drivers fail to yield right-of-way or run a red light at the intersection? Was one of the drivers under the influence, distracted, speeding or otherwise negligent at the time of the accident? I trust investigators are examining these and other issues in order to determine the cause of this fatal crash.

Fault and Liability

If the driver of the Toyota Tundra is determined to have been at fault, he or she could be held liable for Kozaki’s wrongful death. If the other driver is found to have been at fault, then he or she could be held financially responsible for the injuries sustained by the other driver. Injured victims can seek compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, physical therapy and other related damages. Victims or their families would also be well-advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, who will analyze all facets of the incident and make sure that the negligent parties are held liable for their actions.

What are some of the precautions you take as a motorist to avoid accidents at street intersections?

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    I trust investigators are examining these and other issues in order to determine the cause of this fatal crash.

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