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Hit and Run – A Crime Without Consequence?


A disturbing article in the Los Angeles Daily News says that many drivers who cause hit-and-run traffic collisions in the San Fernando Valley and the city of Los Angeles actually get away with it. According to this news report, last year nearly half of all 16,792 traffic collisions in the Valley were hit-and-runs. But apparently, Los Angeles Police Department investigators have solved only 54 percent of those cases.

Just from watching the news and keeping track of recent accidents, we know that hit-and-runs are only going up in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Increasingly, many of these accidents involve major injuries or deaths. But it’s outrageous and disgusting that in the San Fernando Valley, there’s a 50-50 chance that if you hit someone and leave them to die on the street, there’s a good chance you’ll get away with it!

The incidence of hit-and-run accidents is reportedly higher in the Valley and city of Los Angeles than neighboring cities such as Burbank (13 percent), Santa Clarita (24 percent) and Glendale (29 percent). So, who are most often the culprits in hit-and-run crashes? There’s no surprise there – a majority of them are drunk drivers, people driving without licenses or those who have a warrant out for their arrest, the newspaper reports. Sometimes, these folks are so drunk that they don’t even know if they’ve damaged someone’s vehicle or have struck and killed a pedestrian.

For the LAPD, the volume of these accidents is so large that it’s hard to solve each and every one at a speedy rate, officials say. The people who suffer the consequences in a hit-and-run crash are the victims. Accident victims often get stuck with astronomical medical bills and numerous other expenses. Victims may even be forced into bankruptcy.

The best thing victims can do is to get an experienced personal injury attorney on their side, who will fight the fight for them. It’s probably the only way to make sure the victim’s legal rights are protected. Remember, you have the right to hold the negligent driver accountable for your injuries and distress – be it a pedestrian accident or an auto accident.

Drivers are absolutely required by California law to stay at the scene of the accident and exchange information. Failure to do so is not only a criminal offense but immoral. Hit-and-run motorists are basically those people who do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

A competent personal injury attorney can help you obtain the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries and related expenses such as medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of wages. To get more information or to discuss your case free of charge, call Bisnar and Chase.

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One response to “Hit and Run – A Crime Without Consequence?”

  1. Terry Christensen says:

    My brother was involved in a hit and run accident close to home, the car that hit him ran, and he had no cell phone to call the police. In looking for a SAFE place to pull over (partially due to the shock) My brother ended up on the freeway and before he knew it he was at the offramp to his house. So he went home and immediately called the police. The police told him that they condsider this a DOUBLE hit and run even though the other guy (nor anyone else) had reported ANY accident in the vicinity. Is this really a double hit and run? Don’t the police take into account that the one who was HIT could be in SHOCK? And since he had no cell phone and no witnesses were present, he had to get to a phone. The incident has been reported by him but no one else, to the police and his insurance carrier. Is he in danger of being cited with hit and run since HE was the one who got hit?

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