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Does Drinking At A Wedding Reception Warrant A Death Sentence?


Hermino Gonzalez, 27, of Costa Mesa was killed Saturday night when crossing a street in Chino. The driver of the car, Danielle Cheney, 21, was neither arrested nor cited. This is all according to an article in the Orange County Register.

The newspaper quoted Michelle Vanderlinden, a public information officer for the Chino Police Department, as saying Gonzales was pronounced dead at the scene. Gonzalez was crossing Edison Avenue in the 5300 block, not in a cross walk, when he was struck by a white Geo Prism, Vanderlinden said.

Vanderlinden also said that investigators believe alcohol was involved and that toxicology tests have not been completed. She also said Gonzalez was attending a wedding reception on the Chino Fairgrounds in Brinderson Hall, when the pedestrian accident happened.

The report did not make clear if Gonzalez, Cheney or both were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. Since Cheney was neither cited nor arrested, it seems that the Chino Police believe Gonzalez was at fault.

The Gonzalez family needs to get their own personal injury attorney involved in this investigation as soon as possible. All the facts need to be evaluated before blaming this accident on either person. From the sounds of the newspaper account and the comments that followed, Gonzalez is going to be blamed for this accident.

Even if someone is intoxicated and crossing the street outside of a cross walk, that does not make them fair game for motorists. Let’s hope that justice is done here. Please keep Mr. Gonzalez and his family in your prayers.

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One response to “Does Drinking At A Wedding Reception Warrant A Death Sentence?”

  1. Fred says:

    The Family is very sadden by his unexpected death. I hope Justice is done.

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