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Day Five of the AIDS/Lifecycle Event with Loree Glenn


After a grueling 97.7 miles and back-to-back hills she calls the “Evil Twins”, the Newport Beach Personal Injury Lawyers sponsored rider, Loree Glenn, was elated for the 67.7 miles of mostly flat terrain and a tailwind to boost her as she road mostly downhill on Day 5 of her 575 mile journey.

Loree had to overcome some challenges during this part of the ride that nature threw at the riders. Although the terrain was mostly flat and downhill, shortly after their lunch break in Solvang, the wind changed directions and became a powerful force to ride against. As Loree raced downhill, she had to continue peddling fiercely to avoid the wind stopping her momentum and bringing her to a complete stop.

We’re told by Loree and supportive husband, Kevin, that Day 5 is one of the most interesting of them all. It is referred to as “Red Dress Day” in reference to the AIDS ribbon. The history of this day was changed from “Dress in Red Day” to “Red Dress Day” stemming from the thought that back to back riders going up a windy part of today’s course would look like the AIDS ribbon if everyone dressed in red.

Over the duration of Loree’s ride she has seen some fantastic check points and reminders of the joy of her journey, such as when her and other riders made it past the Quadbuster hill and she was greeted by the townspeople of Bradley who had set up a BBQ to raise funds for their school. Another was their ride from Santa Cruz to King County where they passed through strawberry fields, vineyards and artichoke fields.

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As shown in the above map, Loree’s ride was 67.7 miles from Paso Robles to Santa Maria and the riders have now traveled 412.2 miles and have completed 73.7% of the race thus far. With 147 miles remaining, tomorrow they travel from Lompoc to Ventura. Here at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys we are privileged to be a part of her efforts to raise money for HIV/AIDS, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. We are extremely proud of her efforts and cheer her on as she nears the end of her ride.

To Donate to Support Lorraine Glenn please click on the link. Your donation of any amount will help to support a number of organizations in our battle against AIDS.

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