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Volkswagon Executive Dies in Car Accident


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A bit of ironic news today out of The Wall Street Journal. Apparently Shanghai Volkswagon president Liu Jian was killed in an auto accident with three of his fellow executives while on a business road trip. The details as follows:

” Shanghai Volkswagen is a 50-50 joint venture between Chinese car maker SAIC Group and German auto giant Volkswagen AG (VOW.XE).

The public relations official, who declined to be named, said an article published Monday by the state-run Xinhua News Agency about the traffic accident was accurate.

The Xinhua report said Shanghai Volkswagen is operating as normal after the accident that killed four company officials, including Liu, and the accident won’t affect client services. The officials were on a business trip to Gansu, the report said, adding the other three were high-ranking managers at the company. Xinhua didn’t name the other officials.

The Shanghai Volkswagen official said Zeng Jialin, the director of the public relations department, was one of the officials who died in the accident. She couldn’t immediately name the remaining two officials.”

There is no evidence that this accident was malicious in nature or particularly intended for the Volkswagon executives. While it seems like an unlikely circumstance, it is important to remember the sheer frequency of auto accidents all around the world. Hearing about his sort of unfortunate turn of events is statistically more likely than an airline accident.

Another factor to consider in this matter is the population and traffic tendencies of China. While we are used to wide open spaces and well established roads in the west, that is not always the case in other countries. While it is not yet established if the Volkswagon driver was at fault or if it was the other driver, we must understand that nature and frequency of auto accidents in tight traffic situations.

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