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Two Killed In Fiery Hollywood Street Racing Car Accident


An innocent motorist and his passenger were killed in a fiery three-car auto accident in Hollywood, which officials say was caused by two people street-racing in BMWs, while one of them, Carlos Steven John of Los Angeles, was driving under the influence of alcohol, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times . Police have arrested Carlos Steven John of Los Angeles and charged him with murder.

The fatal auto accident occurred early morning Saturday at Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave. when the 21-year-old John, smashed into an Infiniti causing it to burst into flames. The driver of the Infiniti, who has not yet been identified, died on the scene. The passenger in that car who was first announced to be in critical condition with severe burn injuries, later succumbed to those injuries and was pronounced dead the following day. The BMW also struck another car, a Saturn Ion, but the driver of that car escaped with minor injuries, the report said.

The people responsible for this travesty must be held criminally and financially responsible for the death of two innocent men. Clear messages must be sent by our justice system that street racing participants will be held accountable for the losses they cause. What compensation is adequate for the loss of a family member?

Police are seeking the driver of the other racing BMW that sped away. That driver will also face criminal charges and as well as claims by the families of both of the deceased. The fleeing driver can be held just as responsible for this accident as the intoxicated driver.

It seems that we are representing more and more street racing accident victims in the last few years. In the last five years we have made more claims against the non-accident involved racing drivers than in the previous 24 years combined. It also seems that both freeway speeds and surface street speeds are up 5 to 10 mph over five years ago.

Street-racing fatalities, especially of innocent drivers and/or passengers who were not involved in the racing, are increasing at a disastrously high rate in Southern California. Among the most tragic cases were the death of a mother and her two children in El Monte and yet another in Reseda where a 4-year-old boy was killed and his mother and infant sister were critically injured .

Southern California cities are attempting to crack down on street racers by increasing enforcement with high-priced citations and vehicle impounds. City councils are starting to look at speed bumps and other road features to curb speed especially in residential neighborhoods where some of these tragedies have taken place.

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5 responses to “Two Killed In Fiery Hollywood Street Racing Car Accident”

  1. anoymus says:

    i think street racers are not the problem i think that the drunk or the racers who are noobs are the people who are trying to do more than they really can and are killing innocent prople. and not just that but if you want to race go to an f’in track.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “i think that the drunk or the racers who are noobs are the people who are trying to do more than they really can and are killing innocent prople” “noob racers”? It’s bad enough people speed even when not racing someone. People who do this are inconsiderate (deletion) with no self control. It’s either, they don’t care if they hurt/kill someone. They don’t care if someone else losses their car and has to go through insurance bullshit. Or they’re just so stupid that they don’t realize these consequences. Yes It’s true, drunk driving is a bigger issue, but this problem shouldn’t be overlooked.

  3. Carlos John says:

    its funy to me how people dont even know the true story but are quick to judge and agree with what the news has to say, when even the media themselves dont know what happen most of the time, but then again its their job to obtain information to the bst of their ability. as for being involved in the actual accident, i agree with the drinking and driving aspect, but for the record everyone was under the influence, had it not been all parties, things would’ve came out differently. still god makes things happen for a reason. we all have our time. the media made out the person who lived this traggic accident out to be a really bad person, and did not disclose if the other parties were under the influence. may god be with their families and may god be with you all. Amen.

  4. Adrian says:

    Amazing is that all they say is street racing is the problem. Drinking and driving is a much bigger issue and more people die from driving while under the influence than racing ( not justifying racing) but so many celebrities (Paris, Britney, Lindsey) get off with a slap on the wrist and then do it again and then get a slap on the other wrist plus get glorified by the media for months or years to come. This world needs a wake up call and media needs to get back to being real news and quit looking for rating and money.

  5. Steven says:

    Fitts was like a little brother to me. I miss him everyday. “For the record”… He wasn’t driving or RACING!!!

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