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Tort Protection in California


Accidents happen, but often times they are due to negligence in the workplace, on the roads, or at a business or healthcare facility we trust. If someone you love is injured or wrongfully killed it is a right as a citizen of our country to seek justice for the tragedy. There are various injuries that this can encompass including brain injuries, product liability, auto and truck accidents, slip and falls, and nursing home neglect and abuse. Seeking a qualified California personal injury lawyer is essential in ensuring proper care of your case and results.

One of the largest epidemics in California is the level of nursing home abuse and neglect that has been rising in the past few decades. This ranges from improper medical care to unsanitary conditions to actual intentional abuse. As the most vulnerable members of our society it is essential to speak out and get help in these cases or under any suspicion.

Truck and car accidents are also unduly rampant in California, where every few minutes an auto accident happens and innocent lives are lost each and every day. Often times the cause of the accident is a defective car part, or more often, a distracted or impaired driver. Believe it or not, texting while driving is considered more dangerous than drinking while driving as studies show it is causing more accidents and is taking more focus away from driving than a few drinks at the wheel.

Truck drivers are notorious for being sleep deprived, and fatigued truckers are the number one cause of truck accidents in California. Other types of injuries such as dog bites and food poisoning often can be prevented as well with a little more conscious awareness, precaution, and respect for human life and taking a proactive approach to driving, living, and working. If you have already been involved in such an accident, contact an experienced California personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to get the help you deserve and let your voice be heard to improve safety laws and reduce future incidences of negligence.

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  1. Concerned Florida Personal Injury Attorney says:

    Truck driver sleep deprivation is an epidemic. We just sucessfully prosecuted the first sleep apneia case against a truck driver here in Florida. This is an issue that should always be checked out in truck driver fatigue cases.

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