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San Francisco Area Car Accident Caused by Suspected Drunk Teen Driver


Gabriel Lanusse, 40, was injured in a San Francisco car accident after a teenager accused of driving under the influence, rammed head-on into his family’s minivan. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that the accident occurred the night of February 20, 2010 in Petaluma, when Lanusse was stopped at a light on Lakeville Highway and Frates Road. The teen lost control of her car as she drove on Lakeville Highway, crossed into oncoming traffic and struck the minivan occupied by Gabriel Lanusse, his wife Kristine and two children.

Thankfully, Kristine Lanusse and the two children were not injured although the minivan was totaled and Gabriel Lanusse sustained a broken arm. The teenager suffered head injuries and was taken to a local hospital. Officials found an empty tequila bottle in her car, determined she had been drinking and arrested her on suspicion of felony DUI.

My heart goes out to this family for what they have just been through. What a nightmare! It is indeed fortunate that no one in the minivan sustained major injuries. I wish the injured victim, Gabriel Lanusse, the very best for a quick and complete recovery.

DUI Collision Statistics

There were four fatal car accidents reported in Petaluma in 2008, according to California Highway Patrol’s traffic accident statistics. All four of those incidents were DUI collisions. In Sonoma County as a whole, 17 deaths were reported in 2008 involving alcohol-related crashes. Also, teens in Sonoma County drink about 10 percent more than the average California teenager, according to a 2006 California Healthy Kids Survey. More than 80 percent of Petaluma eleventh graders polled for a survey said that “it is easy” to get alcohol.

Teen Drinking is a Serious Concern

These statistics are disturbing and a great cause for concern. It is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age, in California, to consume alcohol. It is also illegal for anyone in California to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. If the details of this news report are accurate, the teenager lost control of her vehicle because she had consumed alcohol.

An Experienced Injury Lawyer Can Help

In such cases, victims would be well-advised to seek the counsel of an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer, who has an excellent track record of financially pursuing drunk and negligent drivers. Drunk drivers should be held criminally and civilly responsible for the injuries and damages they cause to innocent people. The best personal injury law firms will always offer a free and confidential consultation to injured victims and their families.

The Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is not representing any of the parties mentioned in this article at the time the article was posted. Our information source is cited in the article. If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions as to your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm. Do not act solely upon the information provided herein. Get a consultation. The best law firms will provide a free consultation. We provide a free, confidential consultation to not at fault persons named in this article. The free consultation offer extends to family members as well.

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  1. rikki landry says:

    I think teens should stay away from alchohol. It causes nothing but trouble in both a emotional, and mental way. It causes people to get hurt. Alchohol should be completely eliminated as purchase to sale. Both teens and adults don’t know how to control themselves with alchohol. I’m a teenager myself, and you may think i don’t have the right to speak, but let me warn you more of this crap is going to keep happening. please get rid of this life taking drink that will forever destroy the lives of people and the peoples families. i’ve seen it destroy my friends life he was killed in a fatal accident. It killed my uncle, cousin, and seen it destroy families because of their stupidity.

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