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Restaurants And Driver’s Insurance Pay Family of Man Killed In DUI Crash


Here is another tragedy that clearly shows how important it is for restaurants, bars and liquor stores to take responsibility and stop providing alcohol to those who are already intoxicated – especially if they are ready to drive away in that condition. According to a news report in the Arizona Daily Star, two Midtown city eateries and the insurance company of a convicted drunk driver agreed to pay a total of $410,000 in settling with the family of a man killed in a DUI crash.

The lawsuit filed by the victim’s family reportedly stated that employees at Elle, a Wine County restaurant and Cuvee World Bistro should’ve known that 36-year-old Julie Lagergen was too intoxicated to be consuming more alcohol before they provided her with more. On Aug. 24, 2005, Lagergen drove her Volvo station wagon head-on into the Kia in which Evan Zarate was a passenger. Her blood alcohol was almost three times the .08 legal limit at 0.23 percent. Zarate, 22, suffered critical injuries in the crash, never regained consciousness and died a week later, the Star reported.

The restaurant’s owners of course denied that their employees did anything wrong. One of the restaurant’s owners told the newspaper that his employees were trained to identify those who’d had too much to drink and saw none of those signs in Lagergren. But they said they decided to settle because they didn’t want to take a chance losing a jury trial, which would certainly have put them out of business. Lagergren took a plea deal and was sentenced to three years in prison for negligent homicide and five years probation each for aggravated assault and misdemeanor DUI.

There’s no question that more and more establishments such as bars, restaurants and convenience stores should be held responsible for providing alcohol to those who are already intoxicated and in no position to drive. In this case, it cost the life of a young father. The money his children and their mothers received after the settlement did no justice to what they must have gone through and the life they must live without Zarate’s support.

But settlements such as these will hopefully draw more attention to the fact that drunken driving costs lives, that these establishments should spend more time and money training their servers and bartenders to identify those patrons who are already intoxicated and stop selling alcoholic drinks to them. First of all, it’s illegal in the state of California to serve alcoholic beverages to a minor or an intoxicated person. It’s a violation punishable by revocation of the business permit, fines or even jail time. Secondly, it’s a matter of business ethics. As businesses that serve the community, it is their duty to the residents of their communities. It’s the right and responsible way to do business.

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2 responses to “Restaurants And Driver’s Insurance Pay Family of Man Killed In DUI Crash”

  1. Monica Martinez says:

    I agree with this 100%. All too many times people are over served alcoholic beverages at an establishment and look what unfortunate event took place. This horrific mishap robbed this man of spending the rest of his life as a law abiding citizen, time with his family and friends and shattered any dreams he may have had. The driver will be out of prison soon and will go on with the her life, while the lives of everyone affected will live continuously trying to ease the pain of missing their loved one. The sentence she was served was far less than the sentence she gave this entire family, the grim day she selfishly got behind the wheel to operate a moving vehicle after consuming far too alcohol.

  2. Andrea Stinnett says:

    I was evans girlfriend at the time of the accident. I was five months pregnant with our unborn daughter. How am I supposed to tell our daughter that she will never get to meet her daddy because someone killed him? No one will have to do that but me. Its horrible that we have to go through this while Julie Lagergren can live her life with freedom to walk this earth and breathe another breathe. Justice was not served. Evan can never be replaced.

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