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California Personal Injury Lawyers File Lawsuit Against City, School District and SUV Driver For 2008 Death of School Girl


The California personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have filed a wrongful death and multiple personal injury lawsuit against Walnut Valley Unified School District (WVUSD), the City of Diamond Bar and the driver of an SUV for the 2008 death of a school girl.

The case stems from an incident which occurred on the morning of November 26, 2008 when the accused, Conrad Pantig Maglonzo, negligently and recklessly drove his 1992 Nissan Pathfinder onto a sidewalk, killing three-year old Michelle Kwon and severely injuring Christine and Soonil Kwon.

Tragedy Could Have Been Avoided

“This was a chaotic situation resulting in a tragic car accident that could have been avoided,” Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Brian Chase, a partner at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys said. “This tragedy befell a loving, tightly bonded family.” The suit was filed on behalf of Hyangsook Jung, the deceased’s court appointed guardian.

Again, we would like to express our most sincere condolences to the families and friends of Michelle and the injured children. It’s never easy when someone so young is taken so soon, but it’s even more difficult to accept when the accident occurs in what should be a safe and controlled environment, such as an elementary school.

City And School Aware of Unsafe Conditions

The lawsuit alleges that traffic conditions around the elementary school led to too many vehicles competing for few parking spaces along Maple Hill Road, where the accident took place. The school’s traffic scheme meantime meant that vehicles were blocked to a semi-circular driveway and in a frantic attempt to claim a just-vacated curbside parking spot, Maglonzo drove his car over the curb, hitting the children.

The WSUVD and Diamond Bar were aware of these conditions but neglected to provide crossing guards, safety trails or barricades to ensure the safety of school children, the lawsuit further claims.

Compensation for Multiple Damages Sought

“We’re seeking compensation for a variety of damages,” said Orange County personal injury attorney John Bisnar, founding partner of the Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys law firm. “These include wrongful death damages on behalf of Soonil Kwon and Hyangsook Jung for the loss of love, guidance, affection, companionship and future support of Michelle Kwon. We’re also seeking general damages and economic losses for the personal injuries sustained by Christine and Soonil Kwon, general damages for the negligent infliction of emotional distress sustained by Christine and Soonil Kwon, and loss of consortium damages of Hyangsook Jung for the injuries sustained by Soonil Kwon.”

See California Personal Injury Lawyers File Wrongful Death Suit Against City, School District and SUV Driver for more information.

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