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We have all read recent news reports that talk about the devastating effects of the economic downturn and the housing market crash in Orange County and the rest of California. A recent article in The Orange County Register, reports that the Orange County Food Bank has been forced to cut several of its food distribution programs because it is lacking in funds and donations.

As a personal injury law firm that has been based in Newport Beach, Orange County, for the last three decades, we believe that it is our duty to step up to the plate and contribute to the Food Bank. We may not be able to bring back their lost programs, but we can at least help add to their food reserves that are helping out tens of thousands of Orange County residents who are struggling through the current economic crisis.

Our office has done food drives for the last five years. So this is nothing new to me or my staff. We did our most recent food drive for the Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank last month during which we collected several 55-gallon drums of food. We participate in the food bank’s food drive annually because we strongly believe that we need to give back to the community.

We have offered advice and information on this blog for the last two years or so for victims of traffic accidents and other personal injuries. Today, we would like to call on our readers to leave comments in support of our food drive for the Orange County Food Bank. We will donate a can of food to the Orange County Food Bank for every comment you leave on this blog site. If you leave 500 comments, we will donate 500 cans of food! You can leave your comments in response to this blog or any other blog on our site. We will make sure that we count each and every one of your valuable comments.

We would like to acknowledge the Ohio law firm of Nicodemo & Wilson for giving us this wonderful idea. They started this drive and have received hundreds of comments in support of their endeavor. We would like to make this drive successful in Orange County so our local residents can benefit from the wonderful programs our local Food Bank has to offer to these people in dire need.

Don’t just leave your comment, but please spread the word around to your neighbors, family, friends and others in the Internet community. This is not going to cost you anything. Instead, by just spending a few seconds, you will be helping out people in need. If you would like to donate directly to a food bank of your choice, please do so. Here are Web sites for two local food banks:

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
Orange County Food Bank

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