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Orange County Car Accident Critically Injures Good Samaritan


Charles Bybee, 62, of Norwalk suffered critical personal injuries in an Orange County car versus pedestrian accident after he saved an apparently suicidal woman from getting hit by traffic on a Fullerton street, CBS News reports. Eyewitnesses told reporters that Bybee was trying to help the woman out of the middle of a busy street the night of June 29, 2009 where she was trying to get motorists to kill her. Bybee then went back across the street to talk to a police officer when he was hit by a car. The woman was not injured, but Bybee is said to be in critical condition.

My heart goes out to Charles Bybee, who did a brave and noble deed here. Bybee saved a life! Here was a man who genuinely tried to do a good deed and succeeded, but got seriously injured in the process. How tragic! I wish Charles Bybee the very best for a quick and complete recovery. Please keep him in your prayers.

This news report does not provide any information about how or why this car-pedestrian accident occurred. Based on the account, Bybee was hit after he crossed the street again to speak with a police officer. It is not clear at this point if he was in a crosswalk or at an intersection, marked or unmarked. California law requires that vehicle drivers yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing a roadway within any marked or unmarked crosswalk. California’s Vehicle Code Section 21950 provides that a vehicle driver approaching a pedestrian within a marked or unmarked crosswalk shall exercise all due care and shall reduce their speed and take any other action relating as is necessary to safeguard the safety of pedestrians.

Some of the questions that remain to be answered in this pedestrian versus car crash case include – Was the driver of that car not paying attention to his or her surroundings? Was that driver traveling at high rate of speed and couldn’t stop in time? Was that driver distracted or impaired at the time of the crash? Where was Bybee standing or walking at the time of the crash? I trust investigators are looking into all these questions and more.

Bybee’s family would be well-advised to contact a knowledgeable Orange County personal injury lawyer, who can help determine who or what caused this tragic accident and who, if anyone, should be held accountable for Bybee’s critical personal injuries. If it is determined that the driver of the car is at-fault, then he or she could be held liable for Bybee’s injuries. Bybee could receive compensation to cover his medical expenses, cost of medication and hospitalization, long-term care if needed, loss of earnings and other damages.

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7 responses to “Orange County Car Accident Critically Injures Good Samaritan”

  1. Kenneth L Knight says:

    I’m the brother-in-law of Charles Bybee. I’m sorry to say he passed away quietly around 3AM July 3rd at UCI Medical Center. He had too many injuries and wasn’t able to recover from them. Please keep my sister, his family, and Charles in your prayers. He died doing a brave thing and should be an inspiration to us all.

  2. Margie Mitchell says:

    Charlie was truly the Good Samaritan, saving that distressed, suicidal woman. He truly walked in our Lord’s footsteps. My prayers go out to the entire Bybee family.

  3. Amy Nelson says:

    I am the niece of Charles Bybee. Uncle Charlie as I called him. He was truly and honestly the opitomy of what a “Good Samaritan” is. He did for others what most wouldn’t do. He was very giving, compassionate, and loving in all aspects of life. Uncle Charlie would not want the young woman he saved to be punished, nor the driver of the automobile. He would want them to forgive themselves, find the Lord and create a beautiful future for themselves and their families. He would not want anything less of them. Uncle Charlie did an amazing act of kindness and unfortunately lost his life in doing so. We need to pray for the Bybee family, the young woman, and the driver of the car that they will learn to forgive themselves and move on. Uncle Charlie is ALL of our Guardian Angel.

  4. V.E.G. says:

    Charles Bybee is a direct descendant of the American Revolution. I thank him for saving a woman’s life and also his ancestor for fighting for independence from England and won!

  5. V.E.G. says:

    Charles Bybee is a direct descendant of Pilgrims John Alden and William Brewster, also Priscilla Mullens. Also, he is a direct descendant of American Aborigines.

  6. V.E.G. says:

    It is just in, the 4th cousin (once removed) of Charles Bybee, Heather Christensen is a hero gave her life saving others.

  7. Asturcon says:

    My heart, my toughts and my pryers go to the family of Charles. May God give them the strench to to hang on, and the power to carry on. Love

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