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Michael Jackson’s Family Files Wrongful Death Claim


California wrongful death lawyers have been following a recent lawsuit involving Michael Jackson. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the entertainment company, AEG alleging that the company worked Michael to death.

The attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jackson’s mother and his children said, “the purpose of the lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all.” The Jackson family believes that AIG put profits over Michael’s safety and health, which they claim caused his death. The Jackson family believes that AIG is liable for his death and for the actions of Michael’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

The complaint filed in Los Angeles accuses AIG of failing to honor an agreement to provide lifesaving equipment that could have saved the singer’s life.

The lawsuit has been deemed by AIG as “unsubstantiated and meritless,” which may prove to be true. AIG argues that they did not choose, hire or supervise Jackson’s physician, Dr. Murray. They make a strong point too. If Jackson lacked control of his own life, should AIG be held responsible? Is it AIG’s responsibility to supervise Jackson’s behavior and take disciplinary action if necessary?

The truth may be much simpler that it appears. Michael seemed to be may have been a man who lacked self-esteem and control over his life. His sad death is a reminder to all of us that our actions can have serious consequences on our own lives and our loved ones.

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