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Man Dies In 210 Freeway Big Rig Accident


Hans Rudolph Beyeler, 56,was killed after his car was involved in an auto vs. big rig crash near Sunland on the Interstate 210, the Santa Clarita Signal reported. Beyeler was traveling eastbound on the 210 near La Tuna Canyon Road when his car veered into the right shoulder and slammed into the trailer of a disabled big rig, California Highway Patrol Officer Ed Jacobs said.

The big-rig had pulled over to the right shoulder and was parked. The truck driver had also set out safety reflectors and was waiting for help when Beyeler’s 2007 Mazda slammed into the trailer.

I offer my deepest condolences to Beyeler’s family and friends.

The investigation is still at a preliminary stage and gives no indication of what caused Beyeler to lose control of his Mazda and slam into the big rig. It would be interesting to find out if this big rig accident was caused by some malfunction in the Mazda or because the tractor trailer was parked illegally in a recovery zone.

If investigators determine that the truck was illegally parked, the driver and trucking company could be partially at fault. But if it turns out that the truck was legally parked, then Beyeler’s insurance will be liable to the trucking company and the truck driver for the damages they’ve suffered.

Our firm has represented clients who have been victims of illegally parked commercial trucks on the freeway. Last year, we successfully settled for a client, whose wife died in a similar freeway accident where the driver lost control of the car and hit a big rig that was illegally parked on the side of the freeway.

Mr. Beyeler’s family should consider hiring a personal injury attorney experienced in challenging freeway big rig accidents, defective auto cases and is familiar with “illegally parked big rig” cases. . The trucking company’s insurance representatives are probably really investigating this accident and gather evidence to support their defense. Who is looking out for the Beyeler family” interest? Hopefully they are.

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2 responses to “Man Dies In 210 Freeway Big Rig Accident”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There have been at least 3 accidents at this exact stretch of the 210 (between La Tuna Canyon and Sunland Blvd Exits), where truckers frequently park their trucks on the shoulder. However, it appears that this specific truck had a malfunction, as he had his trailer separated from the engine and had reflectors. CHP/CALTRANS have placed numerous measures to deter truckers from parking, to no avail.

  2. 18 wheelR says:

    nobody says anithing when a car cuts in front of loaded rig…………………….. 4 wheelrs pay atention to the road… we all want go ho home safe.!!!!

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