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Byline: Carol J. Gibbons, J.D.

Is it just me, or do you also wonder why some of the most talented and accomplished people continue to self destruct? It’s Brandy and Paris and now Kiefer and others who could easily afford to call a cab! According to the LA Times not only was Kiefer Sutherland charged today with two counts of misdemeanor drunk driving, but he is also in danger of having his probation revoked. What is Kiefer on probation for? Drunk driving!

Fortunately, for the driving public when Kiefer faces the judge on October 16th it will be in the courtroom of Judge Michael Sauer. That is the same judge who sentenced Paris Hilton to a little jail time after she violated the terms of her probation for drunk driving. Kiefer could get up to one year in jail for the recent charges and six months on the parole violation.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in 2006 California suffered the loss of 4,236 of its citizens, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons-1779 [42%] of those were alcohol-related.

The National Highway Transportation statistics show that alcohol-related fatalities are up in 2006, and that includes California. Several states, including California, are initiating programs which utilize the ‘911’ system so that drivers can call and report suspected drunk drivers.

Added by John Bisnar: “I have recognized, reported and followed drunk drivers until the CHP or police pulled them over on a number of occasion. When I was working as a judge pro tem in the Orange County Courts I would go on police and CHP “ride alongs”. The officers taught me to identify drunk drivers by their driving patterns. It is easy to identify them, once you know what you are looking for. I am personally glad California is instituting a program where we can all contribute to keeping our roadways safer.”

Additionally, and unfortunately, celebrities tend to have some influence on our teens and in a survey of teenagers done by the University of Michigan, and posted on, 25% of eighth graders (and 62% of high-school seniors) have been drunk. There is no doubt that we should all lead by example! That includes parents, friends, coaches, teachers, and, yes-even celebrities!

Kiefer, you are a talented actor, and I think you are awesome in ’24’. I wonder what you will look like in an orange jumpsuit?

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