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Hiring an Orange County Slip and Fall Lawyer To Handle Your Claim


No matter how careful you are, it is possible you will be involved in some type of slip and fall accident in your lifetime. According to the latest data, at least one million people are involved in slip and fall accidents every year, and many of these accidents can lead to terrible injuries including broken hips, broken limbs, and even traumatic head injuries. Orange County slip and fall lawyers often represent victims who have suffered life-changing trauma due to a “simple” slip and fall accident.

A recent article by Barrett C. Miller, a cognitive behavioral assessment specialist with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, discusses the dynamics of slip and fall accidents and why many people tend to underestimate the factors that lead to these accidents.

According to Mr. Miller, the center of gravity of the body changes with various types of movement. Normally, the center of gravity is located about 55 percent of the way up a person’s body from the floor. However, when bending or engaged in walking, that center of gravity can shift. If the center of gravity shifts suddenly and the person is unprepared, a fall may result.

This fact has implications for the average slip and fall case. Many people assume that a person slips and falls due to personal clumsiness or an outside factor such as a slick floor. However, it may be that kinesiology is necessary to explain the real reason a fall takes place.

What About Negligence and Outside Factors?

Not all slip and fall cases are caused by someone else’s negligence. However, the victim has a right to be warned of obstructions or dangers that may result in a tragic accident. When a property owner fails to notify those who are on the property of possible dangers or take steps to remove those dangers, negligence may have occurred.

Mr. Miller notes that there are actually four types of slip-and-fall accidents that can occur when individuals are subject to negligence while on a property:

• Trip-and-fall accidents. A pedestrian may encounter a foreign object while walking and trip over it, resulting in a fall.

• Stump-and-fall accidents. A person’s foot encounters a point on the surface such as a sticky spot that leads to a loss of balance and a fall.

• Step-and-fall accident. A person can step into a hole or depression and lose balance, resulting in a fall.

• Slip-and-fall accidents. The entire surface of a shoe and the floor can slide against each other, resulting in a fall.

When a victim has suffered a slip-and-fall injury, it is important for the individual to protect his or her rights. An Orange County slip and fall lawyer can help the victim recover damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of use or ability, and other costs associated with a slip-and-fall accident of any type.

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