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Fatal Fire In Texas Was Likely Caused By Space Heater, Officials Say


A Santa Fe man reportedly died as his home burned down around him in what fire officials suspect was caused by a defective space heater. According to an article posted in the local ABC news channel’s Web site, 59-year-old Charles “Beau” Britz could not get out of his house after a space heater in the front of his house caught on fire as Britz and his 29-year-old son slept inside.

The son, Robert, who was the first to notice the fire, broke his hand trying to get out of the intense flames. His father however died near the front windows where the flames were out of control, the news channel reports. The entire Santa Fe neighborhood is in shock after the sudden and tragic death of a person they say was a friendly and amiable neighbor and good friend.

According to the report, the Houston Fire Department sees 100 fires each year that are caused by defective space heaters and furnaces. Officials are warning people during this peak winter season that heaters should be kept on the floor at least three feat away from the walls, furniture or any other material that may cause or fuel a fire.

The companies that manufacture and sell these defective products many times do so in spite of knowing about their product’s shortcomings. Not only that, they advertise these products as “high quality” and “safe to use.”

We hope the officials in Texas complete a thorough investigation of this case. We hope Mr. Britz’s family decides to get a competent, experienced and resourceful personal injury law firm on their side – someone who will fight for their rights and make sure all the facts of this case are presented properly and truthfully. The defective heater, which is the key piece of evidence in this case, must certainly be preserved as well. We can only imagine the traumatic time his son went through, helpless as he watched his beloved father perish in a fire which didn’t have to happen. We pray for this family and hope that they get the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

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