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Drunken Driver On Wrong Side Of Orange County Freeway Causes Accident, Injures 5


Five people went to the hospital after they were injured in a crash reportedly caused by a drunken driver who was heading the wrong way on the 5 Freeway in Anaheim. According to an article in The Orange County Register, the early morning crash happened on the southbound lanes of the freeway north of Brookhurst Street when a man driving an Infiniti rammed into a Dodge truck.

A male passenger in the Infiniti – which was the car traveling the wrong way – suffered major injuries including head trauma and cuts, the Register reported. Two 19-year-old women in the Dodge suffered moderate injuries. The 20-year-old driver of the Infiniti – reportedly the one who was driving under the influence – suffered minor injuries. No names were released in the incident. No information was available about the fifth person who was taken to the hospital.

This is no doubt a horrible crash, which could have turned out a lot worse. One of these young people could have been dead and it almost happened. Officials did not tell reporters yet what this driver’s blood alcohol level was. How drunk and how incapacitated do you have to be to drive the wrong way on the I-5 and not even realize it?

Our hearts go out to the passenger of the Infiniti who suffered the worst injuries. In such cases, if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol, he or she would be held liable for the injuries caused to the passenger. The family of the injured man should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to ensure that their loved one’s rights are protected and to make sure that he gets the medical treatment and help that he needs.

Drunken driving is a scourge on Orange County freeways and roadways. About 40 percent of auto accidents in Orange County may be attributed to drunken driving, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That’s an appalling number of accidents – nearly half the number of the county’s traffic accidents. It’s even more aggravating to think that these are tragedies, injuries and deaths that could have been prevented, if only some of these guys had the sense to call a cab!

This accident is only one of several constant reminders to drivers that it can never be a win-win situation when you decide to get behind the wheel, drunk. You are putting yourself, your passengers and other motorists and pedestrians in grave danger.

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One response to “Drunken Driver On Wrong Side Of Orange County Freeway Causes Accident, Injures 5”

  1. judy Santillan says:

    I am the sister of the driver of the Dodge Ram, my 18 year old brother. It pisses me off that people are out there driving drunk. After my brother’s accident I am all for getting those bastards off the streets and locked up. I hate all drunk drivers!!! I saw how he left the truck,. Lets just say that it looked like someone had a fatal crash. I have no pitty for that other driver.

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