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Class Action Lawsuits Pile up Against Menu Foods


Legal woes continued to mount yesterday for pet food manufacturer Menu Foods as the Canada-based company at the center of one of the largest consumer-product recalls ever in North America found itself facing at least six class-action lawsuits from angry dog and cat owners, according to a news report in The Edmonton Sun, a Canadian newspaper.

Two Los Angeles residents who allege their cats got sick from eating tainted food made by the company, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court seeking class-action status and unspecified damages. This filing brings the number of class action lawsuits to at least six across Canada and the U.S. Class-action status needs to be granted by a judge. Having a lawsuit certified as a “class-action” is not easy or automatic.

So far, Menu Foods has recalled 95 brands of the company’s dog and cat food – 60 million cans and pouches in all. The food is said to have contained traces of aminopterin, a rat poison banned in the United States. Tests continued to confirm the source of the contamination, but wheat gluten imported from China is considered a prime suspect.

This is only the beginning of Menu Foods’ legal woes if the number of inquiries Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys is getting is any indication. A lot of pet owners are going through severe emotional trauma – some of them losing several pets at one time. For a lot of people, pets are like members of the family and to many, these animals are the only family they have. Losing a pet, in many ways, is like losing a loved one, a friend or a family member.

In my opinion there are going to be many more of these lawsuits across the continent that may threaten that company’s very existence.

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There are those pet owners that are furious, who want accountability and are filing lawsuits. There are those who will blame the collapse of Menu Foods (if that is what happens) on personal injury lawyers who did nothing but sue the company into oblivion. Then there is the indisputable fact that their are thousands of corporations in the world’s economy today, looking at the Menu Foods debacle and asking themselves, “How do we assure ourselves that we do not make a similar mistake in our industry. A mistake that will destroy or company?”

And thus our system of laws and courts, wrongs and accountability, works. And we are safer because of it.

If your pet has eaten one of the 95 brands of tainted pet and you have proof that they have suffered from it, we are interested in representing your interests.

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