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Alexandra Robinson Hinkle will tell you that she really loves living in Hayward, California. In fact, Alexandra said of her neighborhood, “It’s probably one of the best places to live in Hayward. There’s constantly families walking and people jogging.” And, that is exactly what Alexandra loved to do; take scenic walks with her dog, Tag, along Skyline Drive. That is, until last week when she and Tag were attacked by two neighborhood dogs that were running loose. And, these were not just any two dogs, but a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler. Alexandra suffered injuries to her hand, and cuts and bruises from being dragged by the Rottweiler, who was fittingly named Cujo. Her dog, Tag, suffered puncture wounds to his ear and his testicles. Only the intervention of a diligent neighbor, not the owner of the dogs, saved Alexandra and Tag from further injuries. Even more disturbing, Alexandra learned that several neighbors had complained to police and local officials about these same two dogs running loose. The dog’s owner, Matthew Marino, was due to testify at a closed hearing to determine what will become of the dogs. Alexandra wants a promise the dogs will not return to her neighborhood. For now, Alexandra lives in fear, saying, “It’s a shame they’re willing to let it [her neighborhood] become a place of terror and fear.”

Unfortunately, certain breeds of dogs have a bad reputation for being more dangerous, and even the average person knows that. In fact, certain dog breeds are known to be more dangerous, and those dogs are purchased by the military, police, etc. for their natural, inborn attack propensities.

Insurance companies have become aware of the risks of insuring homeowners who own certain breeds of dogs, and they have researched these risks; some of them even refusing coverage to homeowners who own dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. These types of dog breeds are known to have more aggressive issues that make them dangerous not only to adults and other dogs, but especially to children.

This is all the more problematic, because Hayward is described ‘the heart of the bay’, the bay being San Francisco Bay. The dog owners should have taken heed after a recent high profile case; a few years ago in San Franciso 33 year old Diane Whipple was attacked and killed by two dogs an the owners of those dogs were originally charged with murder.

Each year, 4 million people are bitten by dogs. 800,000 Americans actually have to seek medical attention for dog bites and half of these are children. Of the 800,000 who are injured, 386,000 will have to be treated in the emergency room and up to a dozen people will die from a dog bite, according the CDC.

California has in place ‘dangerous dog’ laws that seemingly are not being enforced. Even the Hayward City Council previously voted 5-2 to strengthen the city’s powers to take action against aggressive animals. Guess what? You can vote in all the laws and regulations you want to, but if they are not enforced they are useless!

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