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Auto Accident Kills Costa Mesa Man


Chuck Gordillo, 50 years-old, of Costa Mesa, California, died recently after being struck by a car on the 10 Freeway near Haven Avenue in San Bernardino County. According to an article in The Orange County Register.

The Orange County resident was eastbound on the San Bernardino Freeway towing a trailer with a car on it. The hood of the towed car flew off and landed on the shoulder of the freeway prompting Gordillo to stop to retrieve it. A car that tried to avoid stopped freeway traffic swerved onto the shoulder hitting Gordillo, according to the Register.

This is a very tragic and unfortunate car accident. My condolences are with the Gordillo’s family and friends. Please let this accident be a reminder to us all of how dangerous it is go be out of a vehicle on a freeway, no matter where.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating this collision and will be issuing a Traffic Collision Report. In cases of traffic fatalities, like this one, the CHP is really good at thorough investigations; therefore it may take a few weeks to a few months for their Report to be issued.

I’ll bet that the cause of this accident will rest fully on the driver of the vehicle who hit Gordillo if the report in the Register is correct. The driver that hit Goridillo was either traveling to fast was inattentive, had a mechanical failure or a combination of these factors.

Gordillo’s family would be best served getting a comprehensive consultation with a personal injury attorney well versed in orange county car crash cases to explain their rights and options. They should choose an attorney or law firm who will perform their own assessment of the accident cause, who is responsible and what insurance coverage there may be available to compensate Gordillo’s family.

Please drive safely. Be very careful on the shoulder of freeways. Be sure to secure any loads you are carrying or towing.

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