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Newport Beach Truck Causes Brake Failure Accident


Susan Cameron of Irvine was injured in an auto collision when her car was hit by a truck in Newport Beach at the intersection of Bristol and Birch streets. According to The Orange County Register.

A truck eastbound on Bristol Street and driven by Los Angeles resident Alejandro Ceja was unable to stop at the intersection’s red light as its brakes failed, hitting Cameron’s Corvette. Ceja was not injured in the crash.

My sympathies are with the injured in this car crash and I’m thankful there was no loss of life. The police investigation and the accident report will, of course, throw some light on how this accident happened and if Ceja’s account of the brake failure holds.

If brake failure did cause the intersection accident between truck and car then we need to understand what caused them to fail. While a sudden mechanical or a part failure in the truck and the brake system is possible, it is also equally likely the brake’s and the truck’s maintenance were not being kept up. Ceja might have been driving too fast and recklessly too. We also need to determine if Ceja was a company employee on the job at the time of the accident and if there were any road hazards or dangerous conditions at that time which could have contributed to the auto crash.

If Cameron’s family wants to understand the reason for the accident and who should be held responsible, they should consider retaining the services of an experienced Newport Beach personal injury attorney. They need an attorney who will immediately conduct his own investigations, explain to the victim’s family what their rights and options in this case are and what compensations they would be entitled to.

For information on how best to react in an emergency situation involving brake failure and on recognizing the warning signs of potential failure please see this Web site

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