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Look Out for Anaheim Speed Traps!


Nothing wrecks a good day like a speeding ticket. Fortunately you can reduce your chances of receiving a ticket by practicing safe driving and avoiding Anaheim speed traps. With a city population of 352,643, Anaheim places number 10 as the most populated city in California. Streets are often times congested which could lead to car accidents in Anaheim. With the number of attractions such as Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, the Honda Center, the Anaheim Convention Center and the large residential population, it is no wonder why the city requires an active police force. If you live in or are visiting Anaheim, be aware of the following speed traps. Police officers often patrol these areas to ensure our safety and catch speeding vehicles.

  1. Crescent Street near Gilbert Street Speed Trap:
    An officer on a motorcycle sits in an alley next to Brookhurst Junior high, according to The officer pulls over motorists going over the twenty five mile per hour posted speed limit.
  2. 9th Street near Katella Avenue Speed Trap
    A motorcycle officer waits on 9th street on the west side of the road just past Katella, according to The speed limit drops from 35 MPH to 25 MPH when you pass over Katella street.
  3. Brookhurst Street near Orange Avenue Speed Trap
    Fourteen users of confirmed this speed trap on A police officer waits at this location to ticket vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit.
  4. La Palma Avenue near Brookhurst Street Speed Trap
    At the bottom of west bound La Palma near the I-5 West of Brookhurst you may find an officer. The police office is concealed by a storage company and an auto repair shop, according to
  5. Broadway Street near Manchester Street
    According to, you may find an officer hiding on a residential street while driving south on Broadway. Before discovering the officer, you will pass Euclid Street and then two sets of railroad tracks.
  6. State Highway 91 near State Highway 57
    While traveling eastbound on the 91 freeway you may pass a cleverly hidden CHP cruiser after passing under the 57 freeway, according to The CHP cruiser takes advantage of a recess in the sound wall after the north bound 57 traffic merges on just before the Kraemer/Glassell exit.

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