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California Cemetery Fraud


Placer County Family Sues Cemetery over Lost Body

A California family has filed a lawsuit against a Placer County cemetery after their loved one’s body was missing from his burial plot and another woman was buried in the space reserved for his wife. According to an Associated Press news report, the family of Frank Farinha is suing Lincoln Cemetery questioning their record-keeping practices. Farinha reportedly died in 1947.

The family started to suspect something when Farinha’s wife, Mary, died at age 105 and the family wanted to bury her next to her husband beneath a double tombstone. But as it turned out, the cemetery had sold the plot to someone else and when cemetery workers tried to disinter Frank Farinha, his body could not be found. The family’s lawsuit also names Placer County Cemetery District No. 1, the agency that runs the public memorial park.

My heart goes out to the Farinha family that had to go through the nightmarish process of trying to exhume their loved one. It is indeed shocking to find out that the place you thought was your loved one’s final resting place was not in fact his final resting place! Unfortunately, these mix-ups in cemeteries are quite common all over the country including in California. These heartbreaking incidents that cause severe emotional distress and pain to families not only occurs at cemeteries, but also in funeral homes where all of us expect to be treated with sensitivity and dignity.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys has represented victims of funeral home negligence who have been mistreated by local funeral homes and mortuaries. Some of the common complaints include multiple bodies placed in one coffin; bodies robbed of jewelry or other items; body parts removed and sold, grave sites left untended and vandalized; and switching bodies between grave sites. All these are heinous acts that are done to cut corners and increase profits for these unscrupulous companies — at the cost of your peace of mind and the dignity of your loved one.

I hope this Placer County family received the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve. If you believe you were the victim of cemetery, funeral home or cremation negligence, it is very important that you call a reputed California personal injury attorney who has experience handling these cases. Our firm would be happy to provide victims and their families with a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

Our source for this blog was a news report Associated Press.

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