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Arizona Funeral Home Under Investigation For Mixing Remains


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Here’s a story that won’t just make your stomach turn, but make you wonder what the heck is wrong with the world today! A Phoenix funeral home is reportedly under investigation after reports that they cremated a person’s body mixed up with the remains of up to three other people. According to a KPHO TV news report, the Greer Wilson Funeral Home is accused of adding three bags of body parts to be cremated with someone else’s body. The incident reportedly occurred four years ago.

Mixing remains in that manner is not only illegal in this country, but it shows a clear lack of respect for the deceased. What does the funeral home have to say in its defense? Nothing apparently — other than a pretty weak “mea culpa.” An attorney for the funeral home said his clients admit they messed up. During a hearing, funeral home administrators said the incident occurred in 2003 when they found an unlabeled box from a hospital in their cooler with three bags of organs. CBS 5 reportedly confirmed through state records that those organs that were cremated with another body were brains.

An attorney for the home also told reporters that the two employees who were involved with the said improper cremation no longer work for the funeral home and that the administration has set forth clear policies to improve quality of services. Now, why wasn’t that done in the first place? This body that the funeral home treated with such callous disregard was some family’s loved one. The funeral home treated this person like trash. And I’m sure the deceased person’s family paid good money to the funeral home for services provided.

Unfortunately, funeral home abuse frequently occurs in funeral homes and cemeteries across the nation. Owners of these businesses, who you think would exhibit some form of human decency, consistently demonstrate their lack of it. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys has gone after many of these funeral home owners and cemeteries that have clearly wronged their clients. We find this type of illegal and immoral behavior appalling and disgusting. To take advantage of someone when they’re down and out and grieving for the loss of their loved one, is one of the worst types of manipulation.

If you know about a funeral home or cemetery in California that is involved in this type of manipulation, file a complaint against them by visiting the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. If you or someone you know has been personally affected, contact a personal injury law firm that deals with these issues and take legal action against these fraudulent businesses. A lot of times, that’s what it takes to right a wrong.

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