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Funeral Home Abuse Lawsuit Alleges Body Was Mishandled


California funeral home abuse attorneys at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have handled several cases on behalf of grief-stricken families who are plunged into further sorrow because of unethical funeral homes and cemeteries that cut corners while providing their services. Here’s one example of such funeral home abuse from Houma, Louisiana where one family has filed a funeral home abuse lawsuit claiming that an organ donation agency and other businesses that handled their loved one’s body, allowed it to decompose forcing them to have a closed casket ceremony.

According to an Associated Press news report, the family of Francis Toups Jr. alleges that the 53-year-old man’s body was treated with a “callous disregard for its condition and the effect it would have upon the deceased’s relatives.” The family claims that the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency failed to properly transport, embalm and take other steps to preserve the body. The family seeks unspecified damages from the agency, the Clark-Ducote and Samart funeral homes as well as Limousines Limited, a limo company in Crowley, Louisiana.

Incidents such as this one also commonly occur in California. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys has represented several families in Orange County and Los Angeles County, who pay good money to funeral homes for their services, but get exploited and abused in return. Families do everything they can to make sure their loved ones get sent off with the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve. But often, funeral homes fail to do their job. Shoddy embalming, cheating consumers with a cheaper casket, burying the body in the wrong lot, burying more than one body in a lot – all these may sound shocking, but sadly, they do occur.

If you believe you are a victim of funeral home negligence or abuse, please contact experienced California funeral home abuse attorneys who will pursue these unethical businesses and make them pay for their negligence and wrongdoing. These cases are definitely not only about money. They are about righting a wrong and shining the light on injustice that has been done to unsuspecting consumers – individuals who are already grieving the loss of a loved one! If you would like to find out more information about your legal rights and options in a funeral home abuse case, please call my office. We would be more than happy to schedule a free consultation and help you pursue your rights.

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