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10 Of the Most Commonly Broken Bones You Can Suffer in a Car Accident


If you make it into adulthood without breaking a bone, you are lucky. Most people will break at least one bone at some point in their lives. If you are involved in a car accident, your chances of breaking a bone are even greater.

Various bones can get broken during car accidents, and all are painful and inconvenient while healing. You will have to wear a cast for weeks, take time off work for doctors’ appointments, and possibly even undergo painful physical therapy.

Car accident bone breaks are much more severe than simple slip and falls breaks. The forces of the impact are much greater, and the bones often break in several places. Many breaks suffered in car accidents require some form of reconstructive surgery to heal properly.

The ten most commonly broken bones that occur from car injuries are usually the most inconvenient for you and your family to suffer.

  • Arm: Broken arms are extremely painful and prevent you from performing every day tasks. If you suffer a broken arm you will need help bathing, eating and grooming for several weeks until your arm heals. Arms typically break during car accidents because victims have stretched out their hands to brace themselves. Hands and fingers get broken this way as well.
  • Collarbone: This is an extremely painful bone to break. Victims of broken collarbones often require extensive medical treatment and suffer weeks of endless pain.
  • Ankle: Fractured ankles occur when you roll, twist, or extend your foot during impact. Ankle fractures can hinder your ability to walk, and may need surgery to fix. Wires, screws, and rods can be used in order for the bone to heal properly.
  • Foot: There are 26 bones in your foot, and all are susceptible to fractures during car accidents. Because your feet are in a vulnerable position during car accidents, your feet will most likely have at least one broken bone from the crash. This will be a painful injury that may hinder your ability to walk.
  • Toe: A broken toe is a painful experience that many of us suffer at some point. During a car accident, your toes may be crushed, twisted, or mangled requiring extensive medical treatment.
  • Hand: Your hand has 27 bones in it and these bones are broken more than any other during car accidents. The loss of your hand can seriously impact your life, making even simple tasks nearly impossible to perform.
  • Fingers: A broken finger may hinder your ability to write, type, eat, and do many other daily activities. If you break a finger in your dominant hand, it is even more tragic.
  • Leg: Broken legs from car accidents are often severe. Like arms, legs are often used to brace yourself when you know the impact is coming. The force of the crash on your extended leg often shatters the bones and requires serious rehabilitation.
  • Nose: We live in a vain society, and a broken nose is often the most emotionally devastating. Noses that have been broken multiple times can lose their form and become permanently disfigured. Broken noses in car accidents are the most common for front seat passengers who may be sitting very close to the air bags when they deploy.
  • Jaw: The second most common facial bone to get broken is the jawbone. A broken jaw will hinder your ability to eat or talk for several weeks. It is extremely painful and often requires surgery to fix.

If you have suffered a broken bone in a car accident, you need a good personal injury lawyer to help you collect from the insurance company. The lawyers at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys can help you recover monetary damages from all liable parties while you concentrate on healing from your wounds.

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