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California Zicam Lawsuit Attorneys: Victims Lose Sense of Smell after Using Zicam Cold Relief Products


Most Zicam lawsuit lawyers have seen recent warnings of the drugs effects. These effects can be devastating and the recent warnings about Zicam intranasal products, which are believed to cause a loss of sense of smell among users, is another example of that. A news article in the Associated Press talks about David Richardson of Greensboro, North Carolina, who believed he was taking a “homeopathic cold remedy” when he used Zicam’s cold gel. With one squirt of Zicam cold gel, Richardson lost his sense of smell.

Here’s how Richardson describes his loss to the Associated Press: “It’s like watching a sunset in black and white. The things that you take for granted, not only smelling fresh-cut grass or bread in the oven…you miss those parts of your life. There’s not a day that goes by that you’re not reminded of it.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers against three Zicam products — Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel, Nasal Swabs and discontinued Swabs in Kids’ Size. Apparently, Zicam belongs to an under-the-radar, but legal sector of the drug industry called homeopathic remedies. Many drug injury attorneys have seen these pharmaceutical drugs sold over-the-counter without prescription as legal drugs claiming to treat specific aliments, yet they are not routinely reviewed for safety or benefit by the FDA. Matrixx Initiatives, the company that makes Zicam, still maintains Zicam is safe and has not yet issued a product recall. All that the company has agreed to, so far, is to suspend shipments and reimburse customers who want refunds.

There are many out there like Richardson, who have lost their sense of smell after merely one use of Zicam. There are also many who have lost their sense of smell after multiple uses of multiple Zicam pharmaceutical products. Matrixx, Zicam’s manufacturer, needs to step up to the plate and issue a recall. They must be held accountable for causing such a serious loss to hundreds of consumers. A Zicam recall at this point can be an expensive undertaking for Matrixx, but it’s the right thing to do.

If you or someone you love has suffered from a loss of sense of smell as a result of taking zinc-containing Zicam cold remedies, please contact the pharmaceutical litigation attorneys at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys at 1-866-310-5252. We will schedule a free consultation to discuss and evaluate your particular Zicam case and will also put you on a list to be updated about the Zicam warning as we continue to get more information. Our personal injury attorney firm is determined to hold these defective drug manufacturers responsible and accountable for the injuries hundreds, if not thousands, have suffered as a result these defective Zicam products.

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