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Woman Severely Injured After Her Car Was Rear-Ended By Tow Truck


A 21-year-old Orange County woman was left in critical condition after a tow truck reportedly hit the car she was driving from behind, according to a report in the Mission Viejo Dispatch. According to the news report, the 1995 Nissan Sentra was struck from behind by the tow truck after which the Sentra was pushed into another car, a Ford Taurus, which was stopped in front.

The report says that the 23-year-old tow truck driver, an Orange resident, failed to notice the slowing car for some unknown reason. The silver lining in this accident – a 1-year-old child placed in a car seat and sitting in the rear of the Sentra survived the crash without any injuries. Officials say the car seat saved her life.

This is certainly not the first rear-end crash on the I-5 in Mission Viejo recently. Last May, three young children died when a big rig, loaded with electronic equipment, plowed into their family’s minivan from behind because the driver was unable to stop.

This is also yet another incident that clearly shows that putting your infant or child in a safety seat could make the difference between life and death in an auto accident.

We hope the family of the woman who suffered severe injuries as a result of this crash seeks the services of a reputed and resourceful personal injury firm, which can thoroughly investigate this accident. Why was the tow truck driver not able to stop his vehicle? Were drugs or alcohol involved in the crash? Were there any mechanical malfunctions in his truck or was he simply negligent and completely missed the car? Or worse, was he distracted while driving? Was driver inexperience or lack of training a factor in this incident?

These are questions that must be answered. If it is determined that this crash was the tow truck driver’s fault, then his company or employer could be held liable for the woman’s serious injuries. Compensation in the case of such serious injuries can be critical to any family, which must deal with mounting medical bills and the injured individual’s loss of income.

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