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Washington Dog Attack Victim in Serious Condition


Huong Le, 71, of SeaTac, Washington, suffered severe injuries after she was viciously attacked Sept. 8 by two pit bulls that were running loose in her neighborhood. The Seattle Times reports that Le was walking down South 150th Street toward her home when she was mauled by the dogs. The carnage did not stop until King County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed both pit bulls.

Huong Le is still listed in serious condition in an area hospital. Le reportedly suffered severe dog bite wounds all over her body as well as a broken wrist and/or arm. King County Animal Care and Control is investigating the dogs’ owner, a 36-year-old man, for failing to contain or muzzle his dogs. Sea-Tac’s Municipal Code Section 11.04.020 classifies all pit bulls, pit bull terriers and pit bull mixes as “dangerous dogs.” The law also mandates that owners or these dangerous dogs must contain or muzzle their dogs. Interestingly enough, Animal Control officers seized two more pit bulls owned by the same man.

I wish Huong Le the very best for a speedy recovery. Dog bite injuries are traumatic and victims are often left with lifelong scars even after they undergo plastic surgery.

The pit bulls that attacked Huong Le had no known prior history of attacks, officials say.
But several neighbors told the Seattle Times that the pit bulls were almost always let loose in the neighborhood and the dogs have either intimidated or tried to attack people.

There is absolutely no question here that the dogs’ owner should face criminal charges for violating the law and be held financially responsible for causing this serious dog bite injury. Le deserves to be rightfully compensated for her injuries, physical and emotional trauma, current and future medical expenses, and for any loss of wages.

I’d strongly suggest that Le and her family get in touch with Seattle personal injury attorney, Chris Davis, whom I know personally. Let me put it this way: My 82-year-old mother lives in Washington and if she were attacked by a dog or were a victim of any kind of injury, Chris Davis would be my first choice to represent her. I recommend Chris Davis because he is skilful, trustworthy, pays attention to every detail and is compassionate and sensitive to his clients’ needs. Here’s a link to the Davis Law Group.

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  1. Karen L Kelly, RN CL:NC says:

    Vicious dog bites are all too common and their owners often more concerned about the dog than the person bitten.

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