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Two Young Lives Lost In San Diego Motorcycle Accident


Two people died after a deadly motorcycle accident in Valley Center, San Diego, after the motorcycle they were riding on was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Officials have identified the two deceased as Lisa Marrazzo, 24, of Murrieta and Andrew Buchanan Gardenhire, 23, of Ramona.

Channel 10 News reported that Gardenhire, who was piloting the Honda CVR Ninja-style motorcycle at more than 100 miles an hour, veered into the path of an oncoming Toyota Corolla near Mac Tan Road. Both Marrazzo and Gardenhire reportedly died on the scene. Both were also wearing helmets, but that apparently did not help because of the crash’s impact. The motorcycle completely disintegrated and the Corolla was also totaled, the TV station reports.

This is absolutely an unnecessary, heart-breaking tragedy that took the lives of two vibrant young people. This has got to be devastating for both families and our hearts go out to them. It is especially touching to read Lisa’s mother’s note on the North County News‘ message board. She writes to thank everyone who has sent their condolences for her loss.

But Lisa’s mother makes a very important point as well. She sends out a message of caution to other young people out there. This is what she writes in her message: “My only wish is that if anything good can come from this horrible tragedy is that everyone learns a lesson from it ‘NO ONE is invincible and no joy ride is worth anyone’s LIFE.'”

I say “amen” to that. No joy ride is worth a life. It’s only pleasure that lasts a few moments. It’s certainly not worth losing your life over. That said, these reports are only based on preliminary investigations. We hope accident investigators really look into whose fault this accident was and whether speed was really a factor in this motorcycle accident. As personal injury attorneys who often deal with motorcycle accident cases, we have observed that often, initial eyewitness reports turn out to be wrong and other details surface as the investigation progresses.

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22 responses to “Two Young Lives Lost In San Diego Motorcycle Accident”

  1. a friend says:

    The car that they crashed into was passing another car and was in their lane at the time of the accident. He did not veer into the cars lane it is the other way around. Speed was still a big factor but the other driver has at fault in this tradegy as well.

  2. Amber says:

    Andrew was a wonderful and loving person. Because of someone else’s reckless driving I will never be able to hold my boyfriend in my arms again. Andrew was speeding yes, however what you don’t hear in the papers is how the 50 some year old crossed the double yellow line and hit drew head on, who was also heading in a high rated speed. In no way shape or form is that fair, a car against a street bike. In all the accidents that I see on the job the street bike never wins. 99% are not the riders fault, but yet some one who didn’t see them. It’s sad that in one night many people lost two friends and or family members. But that doesn’t give the right to point the finger at Drew. Drew was a smart young kid with his whole life ahead of him. You just have to take what you read in the papers with a grain of salt. Please don’t talk about Andrew in a negative way; you would want people to do that when you pass. Drew, may you watch over us and keep us safe. Love Amber

  3. unknown says:

    I have just returned from Lisa, my sister in-law’s funeral in NY. What is unfair is that her life was taken by someone who was totally irresponsible that she had been dating for a month. There is NO excuse for going over 110 mph on a speed bike, or any other vehicle for that matter. Especially when someone is asking you to stop. I have seen first hand what can, and will happen in these situations. Our family has lost such a loving young and talented person, we will never forget her.We will remember how she lived not how she died.

  4. serena says:

    Everyone is very sorry about Lisa’s death and know how painful it is, because we lost Drew- the other car did cross into his lane, and whatever makes you think that Lisa was asking him to stop?

  5. unknown says:

    If drew had been going the speed limit they may both still be alive today. I know you all are hurting also but its because of his poor judgement.

  6. unknown says:

    she had been texting a freind all night sayin it… thats why!!! why does that matter??….he still did what he did!! she wasnt drivin…

  7. a friend says:

    Peace Be To Fish’ s friends and family, People need to thinks twice before they crossing double yellow lines,expecially on valley centre road, this is not the first or the last, dont blame the rider the rider. Lisa knew how fish road and liked it almost as much as him its a tragic loss of beautiful life.

  8. unknown says:

    well his toxicology report states his alcohol level was exactly 1.8… so he was drunk!!!! now there is definitly No freakin excuse and im sick to death of everyone defending his actions! he messed up… and just for info her report came back clean. this is a fact

  9. a friend says:

    rest in peace fish

  10. a friend says:

    drinking had nothing to do with this tradegy. there is one person resposible for this accident and that is the person who decided to make a last minute move and pass on the double yellow lines to get around someone else. if he hadnt been so selfish and try to pass when he wasnt suppose to then this hole tradegy could have been avoided.

  11. tony b says:

    trying to blame drew is ridicolious. the man who was passing is at fault. he killed two innocent people and for that he should spend the rest of his life in jail. how can anyone blame drew when the real killer of these two young lives walks the streets free. he messed up and because of his selfish acts he killed two innocent people. i hope he is haunted with that guilt for the rest of his life. may drew and lisa rest in peace.

  12. unknowned says:

    those bikes are built for the adrenlin rush, not for pleasure riding, we all no that, so lets stop the bull, that was a heavy price to pay , keep your kids off them

  13. midnight rider says:

    i really think we need to put this post to rest. everyday people for both sides are on here acting like children. everyone is a fault for this tradegy. drew has been my best friend since we where in short pants and i knew the way he rode and so did lisa. he loved his bike and no matter what anyone told him he wasnt going to change. the excessive speed was his fault in this accident and maybe if he was going slower it might not have happened. but no one knows that for sure. the man that passed was speeding according to the police report and he crossed and the end of the passing lane where it went to double lines. so he was a fault for that. i understand the anger from people on lisa’s side because she was innocent in this. i knew her and was very fond of her but bottom line she knew how he rode and had been with him on rides hundreds of times. we should all just stop arguing and start focusing on the good memories that we hold in are hearts. its not a time to grieve its a time to celibrate there lives. it was a traffic accident and for what ever reason god decided that it was there time. everything happens for a reason. may drew and lisa rest in peace and may god have mercy on there souls. gone but never forgotten.

  14. gloria gardenhire says:

    To the friend that posted their comment on April 23, @12:24am As of May 27,2008 THE OFFICE OF MEDICAL EXAMINER case file # 08-727 is still open and no reports are complete or ready for release inculding toxicology. So get your facts straight first thank you Andrew”s Mom

  15. Old School Classmate says:

    Everyday there are mistakes made but we cannot judge or blame anyone for the tragedy that happened we can only forgive and look on to our futures to not make the same mistakes. It is time to let go of the anger and blame, it will only make everyone feel worse. Rest in peace Andrew I knew you for many years, and you kick ASS!

  16. unknown says:

    I seriously doubt that Lisa had been on Andrews bike hundreds of times considering she had known him for what like 2 months. Get over it Andrew is to blame just as much as the man in the car!!!! He knew what he was doing and to so carlessly take someone else life and put it in a situation where she could do nothing is truly selfish. If blaming the man in the car is what helps all of you sleep at night then do what you have to do…we knew Andrew and were not impressed to say the least. Please stop trying to justify his stupidity and blatent lack of regard for a dear friends life. If it was a pole and not a car guess what the outcome would be the same so give me a break and don’t insult my intelligence!!!!!

  17. midnight rider says:

    you really didnt know did you. i know for a fact that she had been on his bike hundreds of times because was my best friend and i have been on a lot of rides with them. bottom line this was an accident no matter which way you try to spin it. you can sit there and blame him because he was driving and thats fine because you are a small minded person. accidents happen and thats the way it is. that was there destiny. death is fate. i would love to have control of death and put you in there place but that is not possible. we have lost to great people and we should be remebering the good times, not trying to blame the boogie man. you need to grow up and take a long look in the mirror. may they rest in peace

  18. cousin says:


  19. Andrew Fish says:

    I came across this thread totally by accident looking for newspaper reports of my own motorcycle accident in the UK. From What i have read (and being a motorcyclist with 20 years riding experience)I have to say that the driver of the vehicle crossing the double line has to take the majority of the blame here. Fact, had he not done this there wouldn’t have been an accident. Had the motorcyclist been been doing 50 and had the driver crossed the line then the accident would have still happened.

  20. chester says:

    I can’t believe people are actually arguing about this. two young people have died and all anybody wants to do is put the blame on somebody. accidents happen and sometimes it ends tragically. i would be hard pressed to thing that either of these two drivers went out on the road with intent to kill. Stop the childish bickering and start celebrating life. With that being said….it was Lisa’s fault.


    ALOHA FISH AKA Andrew will not be forgotten i am holding a picture of him right now with my teammates whom i spent alot of valued time with. Sorry FISH i wished i had you here in MAUI sorry it took me this long to find out i looked you up on facebook and i looked you up on our old team “Aftershock” The roster said you were deceased so i looked further to find this … Mahalo for everything you have shared with me and the world and i will and never did forget how to get down with the get FISHY FISH…

  22. Jess says:

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss his face. Every time I lay my head on his favorite pillow I still think about him. Andrew knew his bike and how to ride. The passing driver of the car is to blame for being impatient. Gloria now that I am a mom, I can’t imagine how you feel this time of year or the day we lost him. RIP Andy…drew…… Sucka fish.

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