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Toddlers and Grandmother Suffer Severe Injuries In Orange County DUI Crash


Two young Orange County children and their grandmother are reportedly on a tough road to recovery after they suffered critical injuries in a DUI accident in Lake Forest. According to an article posted on MSNBC News’ Web site, the drunken driver drove into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into the family minivan near the intersection of Muirlands Boulevard and Entrados Drive.

A 3-year-old and 5-year-old in the Ford minivan suffered severe head injuries when Nelson Mercado, 27, driving a Chevy pickup caused the crash. He only suffered minor injuries. The children’s mother and two other teenage boys riding in the minivan were also reportedly injured.

According to the news report, the pickup hit the van with so much force that it trapped the van’s driver behind the wheel. Firefighters had to cut the critically injured woman from the vehicle, officials said. She suffered head injuries and a broken arm while the 5-year-old was the most severely wounded with a broken skull and two broken legs. Mercado was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. All victims had to be transported to area hospitals.

In this case the drunken driver, if found guilty of that charge, will no doubt be held liable for this entire family’s severe injuries. The young boy will certainly need long-term medical care and attention as will his grandmother and sister who also suffered severe injuries. The family will be well-advised to retain a personal injury attorney, who will remain on their side and fight for their rights.

As personal injury attorneys who handle traffic accident cases all the time, we’ve seen the number of medical bills and expenses that pile up when one member of a family is injured. Can you imagine what the bills will look like for this family if lost income is factored in as well? This is a tough challenge for them indeed and our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to them. This incident is also another tragic reminder to avoid drinking and driving. Remember, it’s a no-win situation without exception.

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