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Why The System is Failing Nursing Home Residents


According to a recent report from the American Association for Justice entitled, “Standing Up for Seniors: How the Civil Justice System Protects Elderly Americans,” nursing home abuse and neglect is increasingly becoming a reality for many of our nation’s seniors in nursing homes. There are laws meant to protect senior citizens and regulators assigned to ensure that these laws are being followed, so what is behind this increase in the numbers of seniors experiencing elder abuse or neglect?

According to the Standing Up for Seniors report, one of the main reasons lies in who now owns and operates these nursing homes. Today corporations have largely replaced the “mom and pop” owners of times past. In the “mom and pop” homes, owners lived in the community and the residents were often treated like family members. In contrast, corporate chains view their facilities as profit centers, not families. For these corporate chains, the financial interests of the shareholders are of paramount importance and profits are protected at all costs. Seniors living in these homes suffer from the consequences of this drive to be profitable. The consequences are unfortunately senior neglect and abuse.

Laws in Place to Help Seniors

Though there are some laws in place to protect seniors from abuse and neglect, regulators tasked with making sure those laws are followed, according to the Standing Up for Seniors report, have been of little recourse to the elderly. This is partly due to the hodgepodge of state regulation governing nursing homes. Government agencies are also hard-pressed to protect nursing home residents when the abuses they are subjected to are so commonplace. Self-regulation has proved largely futile too. The nursing home industry has made only cursory attempts to regulate itself.

The most effective champions for the rights of injured, neglected, and abused nursing home resident shave been trial attorneys. They are working within the legislative systems to respond to the frequent injustices to which seniors are subject. As more and more nursing homes become part of these giant corporate nursing home chains, trial attorneys will play an increasing role as the last, and sadly often only, line of defense for residents of nursing homes.

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