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Swimming Pool Accidents And Injuries


With temperatures soon warming up throughout the country, pools and spas are going to see a lot of use again. A timely article posted on the Web site sadly serves to remind us of the dangers this seasonal activity typically brings with it.

The number of pool and spa-related deaths and swimming pool accidents has increased over the recent years according to a recent Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report. Children age five and younger are the most at risk from accidental drowning or a near-drowning, an accident that has the potential to cause terrible injuries. These types of accidents are largely preventable; happening as a result of poor or no adult supervision, mostly occurring in residential locations, and involving both large in-ground pools, as well as small inflatable pools. Currently inflatable pools do not fall under the barrier requirements of local building codes and as a result people often buy them without considering the safety needs.

As an attorney who has represented more swimming pool accident victims than I’d like, I know how badly children can be injured. These accidents have had an impact, starting in December, a new law will require all public pools to have safety features for their drains. A private pool owner also bears a huge responsibility whether they realize it or not, one with financial and legal implications. A homeowner can be held responsible for any accident that happens in their pool. A pool owner is required to maintain a safe environment around the pool for all the people who may be on his property.

Safe Kids USA, a safety agency, recommends a pool owner install a fence with self-closing and latching gates that goes completely around the pool among other safety equipment. The agency also suggests members of the pool owners household learn CPR techniques. For more information and tips on pool safety please visit their Web site.

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