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Riverside Truck Crash Kills Two


An auto accident that happened at Jefferson Street near Evans Street in Riverside last Saturday killed Robert Robinson, 21 and an unidentified 18-year old male, according to The Press Telegram report posted on the Web.

The Dodge Ram pickup involved in the truck crash is believed to have rammed into a tree after having gone airborne crossing a railroad track. The truck wreck also injured four others, two of them seriously and putting the others including the driver, in intensive care. According to Riverside Police department spokesman Steven Frasher, the pickup truck was doing 55 to 60 mph at the time it crossed the tracks.

A later CBS report identified the teen who died in the Saturday night crash south of the 91 Freeway as John Magula, 18, of Riverside.

I feel deeply for the victims’ families, for their loss and for the young people who are affected by this tragic auto accident. From the news report it appears the truck was going too fast as it went across the railroad crossing, but it is also very possible that there were other factors that caused or contributed to this crash. In addition to the information from the official accident investigation report, an independent investigation is recommended, as it will pursue all avenues to help determine exactly who or what was responsible. If I were a family member I’d press to understand what exactly caused this accident.

As a local auto accident attorney I’ve handled several similar cases successfully. It is very important here to preserve or maintain the vehicle as evidence that can help determine what happened and why. It is possible the vehicle had a pre-existing mechanical issue that contributed to the crash. In that event, the truck manufacturer may be held responsible. Also, the condition of the railroad crossing could have been dangerous and contributed to the accident.

Some auto accident cases tend to be complicated and require experts to decipher them. The services of an experienced attorney will make a wealth of a difference in understanding your rights and options.

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