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San Diego Motorcycle Accident Injuries CHP Motorcycle Officer in Freeway Collision


A California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer suffered serious personal injuries in a San Diego motorcycle accident after an out-of-control pickup truck struck his motorcycle when the officer was on the Interstate 15 in San Diego assisting another motorist. According to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, the motorcycle officer, a 12-year CHP veteran, and another officer were parked in the median just south of the Interstate 8 the morning of May 26, 2009. They had been investigating a solo non-injury car crash when a man driving a green 2000 Toyota Tacoma entered the freeway from eastbound I-8 and veered across all lanes. The driver of the Toyota truck was identified as 43-year-old Brian Joseph Andrews.

The truck hit the median and slammed into the officer’s BMW motorcycle and then hit him. The officer was caught under the truck and dragged before the Toyota came to stop in the center median. The officer suffered serious personal injuries, but was listed in good condition and said to be recovering in an area hospital. Andrews did not suffer serious injuries. The other officer was uninjured in the truck accident.

I’m extremely relieved that the CHP officer, who was on the freeway doing his job, did not suffer catastrophic injuries. My heart goes out to this officer, his colleagues and his family. I wish him the very best for a quick and complete recovery. This motorcycle-truck accident reminds us of the dangers these officers face day in and day out. Please keep this injured officer and his family in your prayers.

The CHP officer is probably covered by workers compensation benefits because he was working at the time of his personal injury accident. However, based on the newspaper report, it is apparent that the truck-motorcycle accident was the fault of the pickup driver because he lost control of the truck and veered across the lanes. The question here is why did Andrews lose control of the Toyota? Was there a mechanical problem? Was there a product defect that triggered a mechanical malfunction? Was the driver impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Was the driver distracted? Was there a dangerous condition on the roadway that caused Andrews to lose control? The answers to these questions will help determine who or what caused this motorcycle collision.

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