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Teenager Killed in San Bernardino Bicycle Accident Involving Drunk Driver


A Rancho Cucamonga boy was killed in a bicycle accident February 15, 2009 after he was run over by a suspected drunk driver, according to this news report. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested 40-year-old Sandra Kent on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. Kent apparently ran over the teenager as he rode his bike across the intersection of Jasper and 19th streets. The boy was transported to a local hospital where he died.

My heart goes out to the boy’s family for their tragic and untimely loss. Here was a young boy out on his bike when he gets struck and killed by a negligent driver. Heartbreaking! I offer my deepest sympathies to his grieving parents, family members and friends. Please keep them in your prayers. The boy’s family has spoke to me personally and requested that his name be removed from this article.

I hope that our judicial system does its job with regard to Sandra Kent, the arrested driver. If she in fact is responsible for this tragic accident, I hope that our justice system treats her accordingly. Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime under California law.

According to California Penal Code section 191.5 (a): “Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought, in the driving of a vehicle…and the killing was either the proximate result of the commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to a felony, and with gross negligence, or the proximate result of the commission of a lawful act that might produce death, in an unlawful manner, and with gross negligence.”

Kent must be held civilly and criminally responsible for her actions, which to say the least were irresponsible and negligent. The teenager’s family would be well-advised to retain the services of a reputed California bicycle accident attorney, who will explain their rights and options, including pursuing Kent’s insurance company for the appropriate legal compensation. A professional personal injury lawyer will also look into whether there was a dangerous condition at that Rancho Cucamonga intersection. If that is the case, then the city or governmental agency responsible for maintaining that roadway could also be held liable. Please remember that any claim against a governmental agency must be properly filed within six months of the accident.

Our firm has held governmental agencies such as cities financially liable in auto accident cases where the accident occurred because the public entity failed to address a dangerous condition on the roadway. Most recently, we settled with the City of Hanford for $15 million in benefits for a 14-year-old boy (age at the time of the accident). The boy suffered severe brain injuries in a bicycle accident after he was struck at a dangerous Hanford intersection. Although the young man survived the accident, he will sadly, remain a dependent in need of full-time care for the rest of his life.

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14 responses to “Teenager Killed in San Bernardino Bicycle Accident Involving Drunk Driver”

  1. Arabella Friend says:

    Grant Nelson went to my school and was known all over as a great guy. We are having a fundraiser in his honor. This is a tragic event that should have never happened. Let this be a lesson to all drivers that if your going to drive drunk you may as well grab a gun and fire it at a crowd of people because you never know who its going to hit.

  2. Bryanna says:

    Sandy was NOT drunk!

  3. .XxX. says:

    has anyone thought that it might have partly been grants fault?

  4. Neda Emami says:

    He also went to my school. I didn’t know the guy so well but death is a painful thing to the world. Making people cry and a loss of a good person. The family is in a greater loss than anything in the world. Grant was there son and to lose a child is to lose your life. The family must be in great pain, not on the outside, but on the inside. On there soul. They will never forgive the killer for taking their loved one way. Poor kid without seeing what his future could have been. Grant I might not have known you but rest in peace.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sandy was NOT drunk!! She did’nt even blow passed the legal limit…I know everyone’s first reaction is to blame the driver! This is a no win situation. My heart and prayers go out to BOTH families!!

  6. XxXx says:

    Grant was a great kid, and he will be greatly missed not only by his family but buy all his friends. I’m not blaming the driver but the fact is that even though she was not legally drunk she still had alcohol in her system and if in fact it was an accident, why didn’t she get off the car to see how the boy was. If i would’ve been the driver i would’ve been devestated and gotten of the car to help. She just sat in the car, not doing anything. What does this show you?

  7. Anonymous says:

    The point here is not what the legal limit was, it’s the fact that the driver of the vehicle was negligent in driving an any sort of intoxicated state. It doesn’t matter what your BAC is, it could be .01, but if you are driving in a manner that is unsafe, or reckless (perhaps striking a child in a crosswalk), you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And even then with all of the Civil & Criminal penalties against the drivers, I can bet that the parents of this child will NEVER be able to fill the void this intoxicated driver has made in their lives.

  8. camille says:

    Let’s just see this for what it really is! Has anyone ever listened to Dr. Loura? This past week she spoke of a situation simalar to what Sandra must be filling. Many of you act as if she is home living her life with some form of normalicy. It’s not so! I as a friend saw MY FRIEND as I would never wish this on anyone, to have to experience seeing a friend in this situation. She was beyond words could ever describe. A zombee!

  9. luis. says:

    For those of you who think it could have been nelsons fault, shame on you. No one should get behind the wheel after they have had any type of alcohol consumption. i do believe the motorist is to blame and should be made an example of.

  10. MoriahOfDayCreek says:

    I never knew him that well, but wow. My heart goes out to the family of Grant. He went to my school as well, and I bought 2 of the Grant bracelets they made. I wish this would’ve never happened. Rest in Peace, Grant and may God be with you.

  11. Kat Nelson says:

    Grant was an amazing cousin. I can only say great things about him. Its almost two years later and it still breaks my heart.. He was an amazing guitarist. All the Nelsons love Grant Man<3 He is in a better place. His death has changed my life forever, for good and better.

  12. Anon says:

    Shame on all who say it was Grant’s fault! Sandra Kent(the driver who KILLED an innocent child) is to blame. She will live with blood on her hands. She will look in the mirror and see the monster/murderer she truly is. There is no room in paradise for child killers. God will judge her damned soul.

  13. Katie O'Neil says:

    For those of you that care your precious “Sandy” was under the influence and she did commit manslaughter. Grant along with three other boys whom I grew up with were in the right to cross if you have ever been to the actual cross section you would know that it is very clear what happened she sped around the corner and hit him without looking. I hope that she rots in jail for the rest of her life she killed a brilliant, caring being and emotional scared many of my friends among those who were there and those who knew Grant. I wish her the worst in life and that she spends every minute thinking about how careless she was. Kent was a 100% at fault here.

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