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Sacramento Hit-and-Run Car Accident Injures Bicyclist


Sanjay Patel, 26, was seriously injured in a Sacramento car accident after the bicycle he was riding was struck by a vehicle the night of January 31, 2010. According to a news report, Patel was riding his bike on Folsom Boulevard near the Highway 50 overpass when a Ford Explorer struck his bicycle. The driver of the SUV, later identified as 23-year-old Amira Fakira, had continued without stopping after the collision, and dragged Patel who was trapped under the vehicle, a quarter of a mile to Norcade Circle. She then struck another vehicle. Patel was then dislodged from underneath the vehicle as Fakira made a three-point turn back toward Folsom Boulevard.

A witness to this horrific hit-and-run accident managed to grab the keys from the ignition of Fakira’s SUV when it was stopped at a red light and detained her until California Highway Patrol officials arrived on scene. Witnesses also told officials that the driver of the Explorer drifted into the bike lane and hit the cyclist. Fakira was arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and-run and drunk driving. Patel remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Horrific DUI Hit-and-Run Collision

My heart goes out to this DUI car accident victim, Sanjay Patel, and his family. I hope and pray that he makes it through his injuries and makes a complete recovery. Patel had just closed up his Subway sandwich shop and was heading home when he was hit. Heartbreaking! I also commend the Good Samaritan who had the presence of mind to stop the hit-and-run driver. His wife apparently stayed at the crash scene to help the victim while he went after the suspect. His courage and conviction must be applauded and admired. He’s a true American hero! As for the suspect, if she is found guilty of the allegations, I hope she gets the punishment she deserves.

Contacting an Experienced Injury Lawyer

Both, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of the accident are serious crimes under California law. However, based on this news report, this driver took it to another level. She dragged Patel for a quarter of a mile, struck another vehicle and sped away leaving the injured man lying on the street!

In these types of serious injury accidents, it is the victims – in this case, Patel – and the family who are faced with significant expenses. Patel and his family would be well-advised to contact a reputed Sacramento personal injury lawyer, who has a stellar track record of holding drunk and negligent drivers financially responsible for the injuries and devastation they have caused. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer will also be able to advise victims and their families about how their own car insurance policy applies in an incident where the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured. In such cases, victims can seek compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, physical therapy and other expenses.

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  1. Jim says:

    It would be great if you expanded your tip line to include reporting motorists harassing bicyclists, like “Harass-n-Run”. Third party motorists are often in a position to “drop a dime” on such people (while the bicyclist victim is not).

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