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Rosemead Teacher Dies In SUV Collision


James Zant 51, of La Habra, died in a Rosemead auto accident after his sport utility vehicle slammed into another vehicle on Rosemead Boulevard. According to an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Zant, a beloved teacher at Rosemead High School was northbound on Rosemead Boulevard when his Honda CR-V jumped the median and crashed head-on into a southbound Toyota Tundra.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Marvin Payne, who is investigating the crash, said the driver of the Toyota truck suffered minor injuries. The driver of a third vehicle, which was also hit, suffered minor injuries as well. Police are still trying to figure out what caused Mr. Zant to lose control of his vehicle and drive into oncoming traffic. Payne said it was strange that Zant did not brake, which leads him into thinking that he could have had some medical problem.

I offer my condolences to the Zant’s family, friends, colleagues and students.

It is unusual to have a fatality auto accident in Rosemead. Rosemead has a very low rate of fatal traffic accidents. There were only two fatalities from Rosemead collisions in 2006 according to CHP statistics.

It’s still too early to tell whether Mr. Zant had a medical condition or not. The autopsy results may reveal some of that information. But if I were a family member, I’d make every effort to preserve the vehicle as possible evidence. Then I’d have the Honda CR-V examined for mechanical and design defects.

The victim’s family should consult with a top personal injury attorney who has the skill to review the traffic collision report, the autopsy, the scene and the vehicle for clues and evidence as to what caused this terrible accident. A truly skilled personal injury attorney will look for other non-obvious factors such as a possible dangerous condition on the roadway, which could have caused Mr. Zant to veer off the roadway.

The driver of the Toyota Tundra and the driver of the third vehicle, who are said to have suffered minor injuries should get their injuries checked out and make sure it’s nothing serious. They will likely be compensated for their loss and injuries by Mr. Zant’s insurance unless some other cause is discovered.

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