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Raptiva Brain Damage Lawyers: Raptiva Users Worry about Side Effects


Raptiva brain damage lawyers have continued to see new cases. Recalling the psoriasis drug Raptiva from the market due to possible risk of brain damage has left many psoriasis patients anxious and concerned about the horribleRaptiva side effects they may suffer as a result of taking Raptiva for years. According to an article in Lawyers and Settlements, some Raptiva users have been taking it for years and are just now finding out that they may be at risk for serious brain damage, even death. Genentech, the pharmaceutical company that made this drug, apparently knew about the possible side effects based on tests done overseas. But the results of those tests were never made public here in the United States.

Raptiva users could suffer PML or progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy that reportedly leads to a deterioration of the nervous system eventually causing irreversible brain damage. Raptiva users with weakened immune systems are most at risk. Longer and continuous use of Raptiva may further increase the risk of severe side effects. The article gives the example of a patient who only took it only for six months and experienced horrible side effects. He had a severe Raptiva allergic reaction. Most patients report experienced a severe burning sensation from head to toe. This patient says that he had to be given morphine by IV because of unbearable pain and that he “looked like I was dipped in the Burger King deep fryer.” Then, he lost use of his legs for close to a week. He ended up spending three months in the hospital.

Raptiva Symptoms

Apparently, a lot of Raptiva users were having similar symptoms. Here are some of the other symptoms Raptiva patients have reported so far:

  • Severe body aches over several months
  • Massive skin flare-ups that were life-threatening
  • High fever over 104
  • Excruciating pain and burning all over the body
  • Losing ability to walk
  • Swelling up of joints
  • Loss of sensation

If you have or are experiencing these side effects from Raptiva and believe that they may be linked to Raptiva use, I’d like to hear about it. Our firm is helping a number of Raptiva patients like you to get more information about how to pursue your rights. This is not about getting money out of a drug manufacturer with deep pockets. This is about justice and righting a wrong. It’s about making sure that drug makers know there’s a price to pay when they use deceptive marketing to entice consumers into using their defective products. What is even more aggravating in this case is that Raptiva knew about the problems long before this recall and didn’t make the information known to American consumers. They must be held accountable and Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys will fight aggressively to make sure that happens.

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