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Racing Motorcycle On 241 Toll Road Causes Fatal Accident


Two motorcyclists racing each other on the freeway may have caused an Orange County auto accident that killed a driver on the 241 toll road north of Portola Parkway in the early morning hours of Friday, The Orange County Register reports. The victim, identified as 46-year-old Andrew Parker of Trabuco Canyon, was reportedly rear-ended by one of the motorcyclists. Parker died on the scene, the newspaper says based on official reports from the Orange County Coroner.

Officials say the two motorcyclists were racing on the toll road when one of the riders on a Yamaha motorcycle slammed into Parker’s vehicle. The impact of the crash caused Parker to lose control and go off the road, roll over and crash into a light pole. The motorcyclist who hit Parker is also reportedly in serious condition in a local hospital with major injuries. He is said to have been thrown from his vehicle. California Highway Patrol investigators are looking for the second motorcyclist who fled the scene. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call CHP at 949-487-4000.

We hope anyone who reads this blog and saw this horrific crash is able to provide tips to investigators. This is no doubt another unnecessary death in Orange County caused by street racing. In this case they were on a freeway possibly emboldened by the fact that traffic was light. But it was no doubt a senseless act that caused the death of a man. Our hearts go out to Parker’s family.

The motorcyclists who were racing will likely face criminal vehicular manslaughter charges in this case. Both could also be held financially liable to Parker’s family for wrongful death. We hope CHP officials succeed in apprehending the other motorcyclist who also seems to have been responsible for this senseless tragedy.

We read about street racing and illegal racing on public roadways all the time. These irresponsible acts have caused immeasurable pain and grief to numerous Southern California families. In most cases, the racers are young, either in their teens or early 20s. Cities and law enforcement agencies should send out a strong message to young people and such illegal racing will not be tolerated. Some cities including Los Angeles have started cracking down on illegal street racing. Orange County has yet to catch up in that area.

It is enforcement that could mean the difference between life and death for our communities. We hope these violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that the victims and their families receive the justice and the compensation they rightfully deserve. The fact that the motorcyclist who crashed into the car and caused the accident is also in critical condition with major injuries is further evidence that street-racing clearly is a no-win situation, which causes tragedy and heartache to everyone involved in it.

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