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Quadruplets and Mom Escape With Minor Injuries In Costa Mesa Rollover Crash


A set of quadruplets 4 years old and their 30-year-old mother survived with minor injuries in what could have been an extremely tragic accident in Costa Mesa, the Daily Pilot reports.

The accident reportedly happened on Bear Street in Costa Mesa. The mother and children, whose names have not been released, were northbound on Bear and were turning left to enter the 405 Freeway when a moving truck ran a red light and broadsided the van, the article said. The van rolled and came to a stop on the onramp entrance.

Thankfully, everyone inside was buckled up and no one was ejected. All passengers were able to get out of the van, which was on its side with its windows shattered, the Pilot reported. Traffic had to be diverted from the area as officials cleared up the scene.

Again, this incident was almost a miracle. It’s heartening to know that the young children in the car and their mom survived this horrible crash although the memory of it and the thought of what could’ve been will likely haunt them for many days to come. But the real fault here seems to be that of the person who was driving the moving truck. The moving company would no doubt be liable for any injuries, medical bills or damages suffered by the family during this incident.

Red light running is also a major issue not only here in Southern California, but all over the country. Despite the fact that Costa Mesa has been aggressive with ticketing red light runners, the incidents continue to happen, people continue to lose their lives or get injured. In this case, all the driver will probably get is a ticket for running the red light.

But the family would be well-advised to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accidents to find out how to deal with insurance details, protect their rights and examine their legal options.

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