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Pit Bull Owner Sought In Fresno Dog Attack


Residents in a Fresno neighborhood are looking for the owner of a vicious dog that mauled two dogs to death and seriously injured two other dogs. According to this Sept. 30 CBS news report, neighbors near First and Ashlan are posting flyers in the area to find the dog owner after the pit bull attacked a small Pomeranian named Petie and then killed a Poodle mix named Buddy.

A neighbor reportedly shot the pit bull in the leg, but it continued its attacks until being captured by Fresno Animal Control officers. Neighbors are offering a $100 reward for information leading to the owner’s identity. The pit bull will likely be euthanized if he is not claimed. Anyone with information is asked to call 559-222-9781.

There is no question that the negligent dog owner, who let his pit bull wander around in the neighborhood and go on a rampage, must be apprehended and brought to justice. Once the owner is found other questions can be answered. How many animals and/or people has this pit bull attacked in the past? Did the dog owner make any attempts at all to keep the pit bull restrained?

If neighbors are aware of such a dog and its owner they should come forward with the information. Our firm has dealt with tragic dog attacks where young children and even adults have been mauled, disfigured and emotionally scarred because of such vicious attacks. And almost always, we find that the attacking dogs had a history of aggression toward smaller dogs or humans.

I’m as concerned as the residents of this Fresno neighborhood to find the owner of this vicious dog. Our firm will add $250 to the reward fund that the neighbors are putting up. If you know about the dog owner or have any information, please don’t hesitate to call us or e-mail us. I’m just relieved that no children were attacked or brutalized the same way the small dogs were. The owner of this pit bull needs to be identified and brought to justice.

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