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California Personal Injury Lawyers Like “Guardian Angels” For One Family


What was supposed to be a special and happy time in one family’s lives turned into a tragedy when their son was involved in a California car accident.

Christopher Chan’s family was eagerly looking forward to his graduation. A week before the special day, Christopher told his mother, Maria, the happy news that he would graduate with honors and get to wear a special sash that distinguished him from his classmates.

“I was pretty excited about it,” Maria said, in a personal injury video testimonial. “I started preparing for the graduation day and then the phone rings. The school principal told me that Christopher was hit by a van.”

The van accident turned the Chan’s world turned upside down. “It was the saddest day of our lives,” Christopher’s dad, Jupiter, said.

Christopher’s California personal injury accident would require around-the-clock care just to function normally.

“We have to change his diapers. He cannot move. We have to change it every hour, give him medicine on time. It’s really, really hard for us,” Maria said.

Maria would work during the day and Jupiter, at night, so they could make sure that Christopher was being watched 24 hours a day. They also worried about who would take care of 17-year-old Christopher when they got older.

Thankfully, the family got some help when they consulted the California car accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys.
“I was so relieved when I saw Mr. Bisnar,” Jupiter said. “I call him like my older brother. He’s like family. He really takes care of us. They’ve been outstanding.”

Maria said the law firm constantly kept the family informed on the progress of their case and gradually, the family learned to enjoy life again.

“He’s our guardian angel. He’s always beside us,” Jupiter said of John Bisnar.

Christopher’s case was settled a week before trial for cash up front and a stream of payments over Christopher’s life that is expected to exceed $15M. But even with the case settled, Jupiter said the law firm’s concern did not stop.

“He told me to stop working. They told me to take care of my son. From beginning to end, even the future, they will take care of us,” Jupiter said.

The Chan family is not alone. Unfortunately, many people are injured or killed in car accidents in California every year. Most of these people, like Christopher, are in the prime of their lives and have so much to look forward to when their dreams are cut down by a reckless driver.

The victims aren’t the only ones who are affected. The whole family must deal with the consequences. They all ask themselves, “How can we get our lives back?”

A California personal injury lawyer can help. They will make sure that you are properly compensated for your physical, emotional, mental and financial hardship and that those responsible for the car accident are brought to justice.

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