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Orange County Pit Bull Attack Injures Couple and their Two Dogs


Retired Marine Douglas Perry, 58, of Anaheim, was forced to stab and kill a loose pit bull that attacked his wife, Vicki Perry, and their two dogs. Both Douglas and his wife were injured in the dog bite attack, which occurred when the couple was walking their two dogs – a Siberian husky and an American Eskimo – in the 2800 block of West Elmlawn Drive in Anaheim. Our source for this blog was this news report in The Orange County Register.

Douglas Perry said a black and white pit bull pounced on Vicki and their Siberian husky and they “were rolling in a ball on the ground.” The husky was seriously injured and had to undergo surgery, but is expected to survive. Douglas Perry then went into a neighbor’s house, got a kitchen knife and stabbed the pit bull two times. It was only then that the dog let go of its “prey,” staggered away, collapsed and died on the street.

My heart goes out to this couple. What a tough, emotional day for them! Douglas Perry says it was hard for him to kill the pit bull because he is a dog lover. I wish the couple a speedy and complete recovery from this brutal dog attack. I’m relieved that both their dogs survived this brutal attack.

Anaheim police say the pit bull’s owner had dropped the dog off at a friend’s house within the last week. Apparently, the pit bull was in a back yard and the person who was watching the dog told police he had not seen it get out of the yard. Well, that’s easy for him to say. The real victims here are the Perrys. They have already paid out $2,100 in vet bills and according to the Register, that was money they had saved up to fix their home.

I would urge the Perrys to contact a experienced Orange County dog attack attorney, who will fight for their rights and secure the compensation they deserve for their monetary loss, pain, suffering and emotional distress. The pit bull’s owner and caretaker were responsible for this brutal dog attack. A skilled personal injury lawyer will determine the facts, identify the negligent parties and hold them accountable for what happened.

Our firm has represented numerous dog attack victims over the years and my blood boils every time I hear such a story where I know the attack could have been prevented if only the dog owners had been more responsible.

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