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Online Petition Calls For Improvement Of Dangerous Crosswalk


Pedestrian AccidentA recent pedestrian accident death in Newport Beach involving a local musician and surfer has led to an online petition seeking new traffic safety measures at the crosswalk where 45-year-old Don Fuschetti was struck and killed.

According to a news report in The Orange County Register, the fatal crash occurred the night of October 11, 2015 when an SUV fatally struck Fuschetti who was legally crossing in a marked crosswalk.

However, there were no

flashing lights or signs to let motorists know there is a crosswalk there. So far, 1,073 people have added their names to the petition.

Pedestrian Deaths in Orange County

According to a recent Orange County Register analysis, nearly 25 percent of all pedestrians in the county were in a crosswalk when they were struck and killed. Car collisions claim the lives of Orange County pedestrians every six days, according to coroner’s data from this year. Fuschetti was the 47th pedestrian to die this year. Since 2011, three pedestrians have been struck and injured on that segment of Westcliff Drive in Newport Beach where Fuschetti was killed.

The Need for Flashing Lights

Other crosswalks in the city do have flashing lights to draw attention to the pedestrian crossing. There is one just a few blocks away from where this crash occurred, at Newport Harbor High School. Federal traffic safety experts say flashing lights and other measures such as raised medians make crosswalks safer. The fatal accident involving Fuschetti occurred at nighttime when visibility is already diminished.

This makes it more difficult for a motorist to spot a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk. As Newport Beach personal injury lawyers who represent victims of pedestrian accidents, we agree with neighbors and residents that a lighted crosswalk on Westcliff would make that roadway a lot safer for pedestrians and will, hopefully, help prevent such future tragedies.

If You Have Been Injured

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Newport Beach pedestrian accident, it would be in your best interest to file a police report and get prompt medical attention and treatment for your injuries. If possible, try to get photographs of the accident location, signage in the area, the crosswalk, vehicles involved and your injuries. Be sure to get information for all parties involved including insurance, driver’s license and contacts. Also, get contact information for anyone who may have witnessed the collision.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights and ensure that your best interests are protected. If a dangerous roadway condition has caused your accident and resulting injuries, you may be able to hold the city or governmental agency responsible for maintaining that roadway liable as well. Please remember that any personal injury or wrongful death claim against a governmental entity must be filed within six months of the incident.

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