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Nursing Home Abuse proliferated by Senior-Care Placement Companies


As if the rise in nursing home abuse wasn’t enough, now senior-care placement companies, which “help” seniors find retirement homes, are fueled by commission-only sales which funnel elderly citizens into facilities that pay the highest price in finders’ fees. Usually these placement companies never screen the nursing homes for past violations, even if they include medical malpractice, neglect, physical abuse, and sanitation and food safety concerns.

Various private agencies around California promise to guide families through the maze of retirement home options that best fit their need, and many times these services are free. Little do they know the thousands of dollars per referral that are made for the most profitable retirement home centers. It is imperative that this decision is not made alone and proper research is done. A list of nursing homes and their violations is available online which can help ensure the same mistakes and negligence do not happen to you or your loved one as they have in the past at certain high-risk retirement facilities.

Some centers around Orange County who are especially known for inhumane violations to the elderly from neglect to abuse include:

Regents Point in Irvine, Royale Health Care in Santa Ana, Villa Valencia in Laguna Hills, Coastal Communities Hospital in Santa Ana, and Freedom Village Healthcare Center in Lake Forest. Nursing home abuse and neglect have become rampant throughout California. The statistics in Orange County, California alone are unbelievable: in 2009, 53,246 cases of elderly abuse were reported. In fact, Orange County has one of the highest elderly abuse rates in California making up 8.4% of all cases state-wide.

You have the power to let your voice be heard and push for stronger nursing home safety enforcement. If you or someone you know is suspected of being abused or neglected at a nursing home, contact a California nursing home abuse attorney today.

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  1. Heather Williams says:

    Interesting article, however I want to clear up any misconception concerning Referral and Placement Agencies. We offer our service free to families but do not receive any financial compensation when referring to a skilled nursing facilities aka “nursing homes.” They are primarily paid by Medicare and Medi-Cal which makes it illegal to pay a referral fee to any agency.

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