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Nursing Home Abuse, Know Your Rights


Nursing homes and extended care facilities are expected to shelter and take care of our elderly loved ones. Recent studies show, however, that residents suffer from different types of abuse and neglect every day. In fact, 90% of nursing homes are understaffed and 1 of every 3 nursing homes has been cited for abuse violations. A more disturbing problem is that only roughly 20% of incidents get reported, and the problem continues to rise over the years. There are many ways that an individual in a nursing home can be exposed to risks of death. Accidents in nursing homes are often very easily preventable. Unfortunately, nursing care facilities that are chronically understaffed run the risk of making a mistake that can cost the life of your loved one.

Abuse can take many forms. It may be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or even sexual. Neglect, on the other hand, is the careless act or omission associated with the administration of medication, physical care and grooming, or nutrition that harms or injures a resident. Federal and State laws provide adequate protection safeguarding the rights of nursing home residents from such abuses and neglect. Residents are given the right to seek monetary damages for such malpractice as long as neglect and abuse are established. Nursing homes cannot justify neglect or abuse with inadequate staffing, insufficient training, inadequate resource allocation or other reasons. Most of these nursing homes are driven by increases in profits at the expense of quality facility care. In such instances, the nursing home abuse victim should invoke the protection of the law and hold the wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

Abuse can occur in many settings, including both verbal and physical abuse. Examples often include sexual abuse related to bathing, physical abuse of patients who do not comply with staff orders, and verbal abuse from staff that grows angry or frustrated with patients. Nursing home staff members are trusted caregivers and are expected to display respect for all residents at all times, and abuse and neglect demonstrate a failure to properly carry out the job.

If you suspect that a loved one has been suffering from mistreatment, neglect or abuse, you should contact the authorities in order to ensure timely investigation. RI Nursing home abuse attorneys pursue cases for many different causes of nursing home neglect and abuse. You should also contact a competent nursing home abuse attorney who can represent you in this area of law.

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