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NAACP Files Lawsuit Alleging Lenders Charged Blacks Higher Rates for Loans


Here is the kind of news that really gets me mad and makes me wonder if we are really in the 21st Century. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has filed a lawsuit against some of the biggest lenders in the area accusing them of racial discrimination. Why? Apparently, these lenders have been partial to their white clients giving them favorable loan terms, while burdening black clients with higher-interest subprime loans. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, is seeking class-action status, according to an Associated Press news report.

The lawsuit is also asking that the court order the 11 lenders named in the complaint not to discriminate against blacks, an order which would mandate them to comply with fair housing and credit laws. Well, I thought it was already illegal and unconstitutional to discriminate based on race. Here are some of the alleged offenders – Washington Mutual, Citigroup and Ameriquest Mortgage Co., a unit of Orange County-based ACC Capital Holdings, which is one of the country’s largest sub-prime lenders.

Sub-prime loans attract high-risk borrowers with questionable credit history. Those who get these loans usually wind up with higher interest rates than other borrowers. But the lawsuit maintains that black homeowners who got these loans in 2004 were 30 percent more likely to get slapped with higher interest rates than white borrowers, all other parameters being equal. This is according to a 2006 study by the Center for Responsible Lending. Recently, the Federal Reserve Board also concluded blacks were more likely to pay higher prices for mortgages than whites, according to the suit.

According to an NBC news report, other companies named in the lawsuit are — HSBC Finance Corp.; Bear Sterns Residential Mortgage Corp.; First Franklin Financial Corp.; Lehman Bros. Holdings subsidiary BNC Mortgage Inc.; Accredited Home Lenders Inc.; H&R Block subsidiary Option One Mortgage Corp.; General Electric-owned WMC Mortgage Corp.; and Fremont General Corp.’s Fremont Investment & Loan.

This is the first time such a discrimination suit has been brought against so many lenders and I’m happy they did it. These companies are fleecing and exploiting minority groups and in turn enjoying profits of tens of thousands of dollars on each of these loans they handed out to unsuspecting customers. This is one of the worst forms of exploitation, purely based on someone’s skin color. It’s despicable! I hope the lenders are made to pay for their racist attitude and sheer lack of professionalism.

Our legal team is in the process of representing minority homeowners, mostly African Americans and Hispanics, which have suffered financially due to being charged higher interest rates, just because of their race. If you have been victimized by a financial institution that charged you a higher mortgage rate simply because of your race, consider suing the institution for your damages. Call me for a consultation. John Bisnar of Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys – 800-259-6373.

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  1. Thomas M. Wheeler says:

    I just lead that BNC and Chase are the same. I am a disabled Vet and they scam me 100%. Chase told me that they would redo the loan instead only the payment went alittle down. Chase will not help me. I have a 30/40/2 and am paying 1421.46 plus because of the under handed tricks I owe the IRS 30.000 dollars and their acting like there the Hero who help save my home. please I need your help

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