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Man Suffers Critical Injuries in Los Angeles County Motorcycle Accident


Marcus Alex Puga, 23, of Whittier, suffered critical injuries in a Bassett motorcycle accident on January 29, 2009 after he struck a big rig at an intersection, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports in this article. Puga was driving a 2005 Yamaha R6 eastbound on Valley Boulevard when the big rig in front of him slowed down to make a right turn. California Highway Patrol officials say Puga drove around the big rig, lost control and slid into one of the big rig’s tires. The investigation is still ongoing and CHP officials are asking anyone who saw this accident to call 626-338-1164.

My heart goes out to Marcus Alex Puga, this young motorcycle accident victim, who is apparently fighting for his life. I hope he makes it through this tough time. Please keep this man and his family in your prayers.

Motorcycle accidents have consistently increased over the years nationwide as well as in Los Angeles County. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,810 motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents in the year 2006. That was a 5 percent increase in motorcycle accident fatalities over 2005. According to CHP statistics released in January 2009, 96 people died in Los Angeles County alone in motorcycle accidents in 2008 compared to 58 deaths in 2001. About 1.2 million Californians have licenses to drive motorcycles, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles and that is 300,000 more riders than we had in 2001.

All these numbers go to show that riding motorcycles is a risky venture in Southern California. In such an environment, it is absolutely essential for riders to take safety precautions, undergo rider safety training, and wear helmets and other safety gear.

In this motorcycle accident, I would be interested to find out what exactly happened. I would question at this point whether the accident was the fault of the motorcyclist, Puga, or the big rig driver. Did the big rig driver come to a sudden stop or did he fail to see the motorcyclist? Very often, drivers of larger vehicles especially fail to see motorcyclists on the roadway. It is quite a common occurrence.

It would be in the best interest of Puga and his family to consult with a leading Southern California motorcycle accident attorney. If there is negligence on the part of the big rig driver or if there was a dangerous condition on that roadway that caused the accident or contributed to it, a skilled personal injury attorney will be able to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected and the negligent parties are held accountable.

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4 responses to “Man Suffers Critical Injuries in Los Angeles County Motorcycle Accident”

  1. A Old Friend says:

    I regret to inform later that day Marcuz Puga Passed away due to his critical injuries.

  2. fransico hernandez spanky says:

    man marcus i dint think it would b you dawgy u were the coolest we love u from all the homiiesssss big love marcus we need to no wut happen its spanky i hope u wernt doing ne thing stupid i know u wernt ur the man no one smarter GOD TOOOK THE WRONG PERSON I LOVE U DAWG see you later rest in paradice marcus puga cum down n tell me something u ok i hope im so srrry love u lots

  3. mario miramontes says:

    damn puga.. where all gonna miss u perrtio.. damn God y marcus.. i love u puga… iknow ur gonna be watch over all of us.. rest in peace, my brother

  4. A B says:

    Still feeling the pain of my fallen souljah… You are still missed… R.I.P

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